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step one.

Register a domain. Check! I’m now the proud owner of! It’s not much to look at at the moment, but I’ll be working on it soon. Bryan surfed over to GoDaddy this weekend, and I just happened to have him check on, as it’s been parked with a placeholder page forever now. And there it was, for $10.87! Normally I’m not a compulsive domain buyer (like some people I know) but this domain is mine. It is the screenname I use pretty much everywhere (minus this blog, oddly enough) and it is my “brand.” Bryan also was kind enough to link up my domain with his WebFaction account, awesome guy that he is. :) So, step one complete. Now, to make something happen!

In other news, I am looking at adopting a kitten/cat. The lot of us went to the Humane Society this weekend to peruse the felines. I found two potential youngins named Reid and Fabrizio who were caged together but not siblings. Reid was born at the H.S. and would be the first of his litter adopted out were I to take him home. Fabrizio was found abandoned and brought in alone, based on his file. We all sat in a visiting room with them for a long while, watching Reid race around, cuddling with Fabrizio. They were quite the dichotomy – crazy vs. mellow, athlete vs. lap cat.

I have a couple points of hesitation, of course. (Would I be me if I didn’t?) First, I’m still wondering whether I’m responsible enough or “ready” enough to have a pet. Second, am I at a point where I can keep my stress levels down enough to have animals in my home? Will I be able to stop worrying about both their well being AND the intact nature of my furniture and breakables long enough to enjoy their company? Third, there is the issue of Fabrizio’s tilted head. We all noticed it pretty much right away, a tilt to the right and a bit of a balance problem. His medical file mentioned an inner ear infection, but there’s no telling if that’s something temporary or chronic. Also no telling if it is, in fact, not an infection but a tumor or something else life threatening. All I’d need is for my first pet to get sick or die on me immediately. :(

But I did love cuddling with Fabrizio as he purred loudly and climbed around. Erica posted a photo on Flickr, and though I look a bit mentally handicapped in it, I’ll link to it anyway. After we left the HS, we went to the local Greek place for lunch, and, while we sat looking at the menus, I heard a TV announcer say the name Fabrizio Santos. I glanced up to see he was a professional skateboarder, but since I’d never heard the name Fabrizio before the kitty, I was pretty convinced that meant something.

With so many people visiting the HS with me, it was hard to think clearly and consider my options. So I think I’ll be going back over there at lunchtime tomorrow to visit with Fabrizio again and see how we get along without Reid and the others. As much as I’d like to give ‘Briz a brother and playmate, I think Reid may be a bit out of my league. Though he did entertain himself without my even trying, but still—I want to love my kitties, and Reid and I just didn’t click.

If Fabrizio and I don’t connect, I will respectfully withdraw my application for both little boys and go back to the drawing board. I’m fine with waiting till I find the right cat(s). The last thing I want is another Tori incident, like in college. Had I known torties were so temperamental (recent feline research) and really thought through sharing a single bedroom with a cat, I would’ve waited on that one too. :P

I leave on Thursday afternoon for Birmingham and the Social South social media conference. It will be good to see that city again after some time away. I may even get to see Dennis while there. He has high-school football to cover elsewhere in the state, so he won’t be attending SoSo, but my early arrival should allow us to grab food or a drink, or for me to see the new digs he’s renovating right now. Exciting!

What else… Oh, Bryan, Nick, Erica, Alan & I played D&D yesterday! It was my first game, so I was totally unsure how everything worked. Still am, a little bit. But I caught on well enough to kill a few Kobolds and enjoy myself during the second half of the game. Nick was our DM and he was proud of the six-page back story I wrote about Elluvia, my elven ranger. Always smart to impress the DM! :D Bryan will be DMing the next round, and Nick will be taking over his human shaman, Albini, so they can alternate playing and storytelling. Should be fun to see B in action as DM, both in that game and in the other we’ll be starting with his coworker, his wife and their son in two weekends. Twice the D&D action!! I can hardly wait. :)

Also, my brain is broken. I really need to figure out how to fix it, but with about a million things on my to-do list right now, I don’t think it’s going to happen till after Ireland and a potential mom visit in October. Maybe once fall rolls around and some sort of cool settles over the land, I’ll be able to reevaluate my mental state and get things moving in the right direction. For now, I will read good books, enjoy cuddles whenever possible, share a cup of coffee with a new friend, work hard every day and accomplish as much as I can. Woot!



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because y’all know I can’t stick to ONE goal

I’m going with four goals instead of one. Surprised? I’m not. ;)

  1. Get the résumé online ASAP
  2. Read more, like I used to. I’ve borrowed two great books now, and have several more at my disposal, so it’s time to whip my brain back into shape.
  3. In the same vein, get back to visiting the gym at least 3x per week. I can read there AND I will feel better on a daily basis if I do.
  4. Also in that vein (healthy veins are good after all) continue getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night. I’d been at 6 for the past several months, then ended up with much more than that for a few nights. It felt good. I need to stick with that pattern as much as possible.

Now, 2-4 are goals I’ve had before, but they’re also easy ones to fulfill, so I’m going at ’em again. Wish me luck!!

[P.S. I have several other goals that are playing at the periphery of my brain, but I won’t list them here, lest I ruin my chances of fulfilling any of them because I’m trying to juggle too many balls at once. Since I am unable to juggle, this seems like a bad idea on the whole.]


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OK, first? I am thankful for having a (tiny) blog following, but seriously people? You are all my close friends. So if you want an update on the mundane details of my life, PICK UP THE PHONE.



There is way too much to tell now that it’s been 3 weeks since my last update. Now, the synopsis will be short, but the details overpowering. So here’s the synopsis: Everything is the same, ‘cept now I have a boyfriend.

Is that sufficient?


OK then. His name is Bryan and he’s a super-cool dude I met through various social media channels and one key contact in Memphis. He has two wonderful felines named Pete and Nancy that I may actually like more than him. ;) We’ve spent quite a bit of time together in the past month, eating dinners, going to movies, playing video games, going to Murfreesboro for 4th of July weekend. It’s been a good time thus far. Hopefully will continue to be for a while yet.

Otherwise, almost nothing is new. Work is still as crazy-busy as ever. I am now an official Tennessee resident. My apartment is working out fine. I am working out as well, though not as much as I should be. I spend a lot of time on Twitter, so you should follow me there because you’ll get 30+ daily updates that way. Much easier than blogging. And I’m lazy, so it’s fitting.

The Memphis weather has turned sweltering, shifted back to normal, sweltering again and now a bit chilly with storms rolling through all of last night. I am surviving, though my electric bill may kill me yet. I use almost no energy otherwise, so it’s sad to see my bill double due to increased A/C use.

What the heck else… I have met some new friends/acquaintances through Bryan. They’re all really cool people, and I’m hoping to see more of them over time. His bff, Nick, is a great guy and we spent the Murfreesboro weekend with him. Nick’s girlfriend & Bryan’s good friend, Erica, is an awesome, sharp-witted chick who propelled the potential “thing” with Bryan forward and recently acquired a pink scooter, on which she zips around town. I may get to hang with her tomorrow night, so I’m looking forward to that.

I’m not hating Memphis anymore. I’m really not. And I fully intend to write a series of posts as to why, but that’s not happening today. I’ll also post some key photos from my escapades of the past few weeks…later. Tonight I’m going to see the new Harry Potter movie with Bryan. I am gleeful about that, or at least will be once the workday is over.

I do appreciate all your patience with my blogging-ball droppage. I will get back into the groove soon. Cross my heart. For now, please enjoy this photo of Bryan’s cat, Nancy:



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your arm band is black; mine is searing pain

I have no energy to write tonight (or ever, it seems) but I will give you what I can…

My right arm is killing me. I had this same problem in my left arm in the post-pneumonia weeks, but it wasn’t as severe and went away fairly quickly. The new right-arm situation started just yesterday or the day before, but it’s much worse. I don’t need to swing my arm for it to happen — it happens with the slightest motion. Sort of a burning/tearing sensation just below the skin. Common sense, WebMD and my coworkers say it sounds nerve related, but I have no official diagnoses to back that up, hence a trip to the doctor on Saturday at noon for what will probably amount to a referral. I’m going to make a list of my other ailments between now and then just to make sure I get my full office visit’s worth out of it. Hopefully it won’t cost me $200. If I could wash my hair without excruciating pain, I wouldn’t bother with the doctor at all. Woe is me.

I also attended a tweetup (twitter + meetup) tonight at Muddy’s Bake Shop in E. Memphis. It was hosted by The Commercial Appeal and attended by the local twitter users who dared to meet each other face to face. I met only a few people in all, but it was a lot of fun. AND I finally got to Muddy’s, which I’d been intending to do forever but hadn’t actually accomplished. The cupcakes were delicious (I had Cookies ‘n Cream) and I took home some Oreo Puddin’ (what can I say? I freaking love Oreos, people.) for later snacking. It was A-MAZING. Thanks Kat & Co. for an awesome tweetup locale, the Appeal for my free cupcake and Kerry for getting the group gathered.

I have spent the past three days absolutely drowning in newsletters at work. I was pounding through the second one today until the very last second before it needed to be sent… five hours later than we’d normally like to send it. Per usual, content was late. Per usual, I was a perfectionist. Per unusual (but usual from here on) I had another newsletter to make the day before and I couldn’t spend the first half of the week focused on the main one. Have I said woe is me yet? Oh, I did? OK then.

I feel like I’m caught up in a whirlwind again, which sucks. (I’m tired, so “sucks” is all I’ve got.) I need a personal assistant for about two weeks so I can get my shit together and taken care of. I just barely had time and energy to make that doctor’s appointment for Saturday. I also managed to schedule a blood donation and a movie date for that same day. Too bad I can’t get the rest of my days to work out like that. Either way, I have a ton of that everyday life-maintenance stuff to do: dentist, oil change, new license/registration, find car/renter’s insurance…

Annnd, I just realized I haven’t paid my rent for the month. Shit. I think I’m still good, but holy fucking crap, how did I forget that? I am so screwed up right now. I’m going to bed.


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all in favor, say “aye”

Because I’d prefer you not raise your hand if it’s creepy like this:

In all seriousness, though, this would be a great conversation piece and accent in pretty much any bathroom. Especially when you keep them all together like that, a sort of multiracial nursery… without the rest of the baby parts. Now that I put it that way, I’m back to the creepy verdict. [available on Etsy]

It’s almost May 1, which for Memphis means the Beale Street Music Festival downtown. The All-American Rejects, Steve Miller Band, Katy Perry, Al Green, Shinedown, Elvis Costello, James Taylor, Fall Out Boy, et al. Apparently several of the larger acts will be splitting their weekend between Memphis and Birmingham’s 2009 Schaeffer Eye Center Crawfish Boil (holy crap, that took me forever to find on Google—no combination of “alabama,” “birmingham,” “music” and “festival” took me to the right place). I missed all the Memphis in May malarkey last year by starting my new job on June 1, so this is my chance to hit the pavement and the parks and experience my (sort of) new city. Will I do it? Is it worth $30/day or $64/3 days (if I order by this evening)? Will it be significantly less enjoyable alone?

I think I may go attempt to use my 25%-off savings at Macy’s tonight to see how much money I have left for a weekend concert treat.


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the shores of the cosmic ocean

The known is finite, the unknown infinite; intellectually we stand on an islet in the midst of an illimitable ocean of inexplicability. Our business in every generation is to reclaim a little more land. —T.H. Huxley, 1887

A coworker lent me his worn and well-loved copy of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos today. We are bonding over nerdiness, which is clearly the best basis for any and all bonding.

Other news: I am now single. I may be moving on April 30. Mandy is coming to see me in mid-May. The sunshine outside is helping my mood considerably. Everything—everything—is going to be OK.

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emerald isle, ahoy!

So, here’s the deal, since I’ve been fairly absent of late and a lot has been going on…

I decided to take a trip to Ireland. Why? Well, during one of many long discussions with my coworkers about my relatively poor mental health recently, one of them mentioned his past trips to Ireland. It reminded me how much I’ve always wanted to go there, so I thought, Why the hell not? So I’m going. October 3, 2009. The flight is booked already.

Why Ireland?
There are several reasons. To me, Ireland epitomizes laid-back culture: quiet villages, neighborhood pubs, friendly locals, green landscapes, seaside cliffs, rolling hills – it’s like a freaking wonderland over there, but still so understated and navigable. While I’d also like to see Italy and Australia, those are places that require more than a week’s vacation. And while Ireland deserves more than a week, I can manage the Republic in 7.5 days, so that’s what I’m going to do.

What’s the plan?
There isn’t one, really. I started planning this transcontinental getaway about a week ago, with the intention of going the first week of June. But various obstacles cropped up and I found a cheaper flight in October ($600!!) than the already cheap flight in June, so I thought I’d save $100+ on the flight, $70 on expediting my new passport, $50 on lodging (low season in Oct.), various fees on being an under-25 car renter, etc. Besides, I now have 5 months to make that plan that I’m thus far lacking.

No, really – what’s the plan?
If you must know, got the ball rolling with all their awesome self-drive vacation packages. I started out with their 7-day tours of the Republic and wasted invested a lot of time figuring out details, prices and the like. At this point, I’ve decided to take the reins entirely and go with straight B&B vouchers, no strings attached, no requirements for where I need to be or when I need to get there. I will plan ahead, of course, but nothing will be set in stone. I will rent a cheap car (maybe even learn to drive a stick before I go, so I can get around even more cheaply) and set off into the green. I’m salivating a little just thinking about it. =)

Most likely. Though I’ve had vague interest from a few parties when I issued an open invitation to join up, I rather doubt anyone will accompany me, and I fully intend to hit the trail alone. I’m OK with that. And Ireland? It’s one of the safest countries for me to do it. Not entirely safe, of course, but I don’t plan to enter any dark alleys in Dublin either. In fact, I’ll probably stay away from the cities as much as possible, hitting the Dublin highlights my last day or so before hopping my flight back to the States. But I’m not afraid. Not of long flights, a crazy number of unknowns, staying in various rural B&Bs by myself. I think I will be cared for in Ireland, and I will keep my eyes open and my mind alert. Except when I’m gazing out over picturesque cliffs into deep blue waters beyond. Then? I’ll just gaze.

So, that’s what I’m doing in October. What about you?

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