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presenting pete

By popular demand (of Mandy):

pete1 pete2

What’s missing from the first photo is the teeny-tiniest tip of his tongue sticking out, which is how he looks most of the time. He also stares like that. It’s a little unnerving, but I know he glowers with love. The second photo contains what appears to be an angelic Wheat Thin. I think Pete was awaiting his bowl of chili – alas, it never came.

Thus endeth the kitty parade. And my workweek. Bon!

Note: For those confused or concerned, Pete is Bryan’s cat, not mine. Though I love him as if he were mine. The end.


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OK, first? I am thankful for having a (tiny) blog following, but seriously people? You are all my close friends. So if you want an update on the mundane details of my life, PICK UP THE PHONE.



There is way too much to tell now that it’s been 3 weeks since my last update. Now, the synopsis will be short, but the details overpowering. So here’s the synopsis: Everything is the same, ‘cept now I have a boyfriend.

Is that sufficient?


OK then. His name is Bryan and he’s a super-cool dude I met through various social media channels and one key contact in Memphis. He has two wonderful felines named Pete and Nancy that I may actually like more than him. ;) We’ve spent quite a bit of time together in the past month, eating dinners, going to movies, playing video games, going to Murfreesboro for 4th of July weekend. It’s been a good time thus far. Hopefully will continue to be for a while yet.

Otherwise, almost nothing is new. Work is still as crazy-busy as ever. I am now an official Tennessee resident. My apartment is working out fine. I am working out as well, though not as much as I should be. I spend a lot of time on Twitter, so you should follow me there because you’ll get 30+ daily updates that way. Much easier than blogging. And I’m lazy, so it’s fitting.

The Memphis weather has turned sweltering, shifted back to normal, sweltering again and now a bit chilly with storms rolling through all of last night. I am surviving, though my electric bill may kill me yet. I use almost no energy otherwise, so it’s sad to see my bill double due to increased A/C use.

What the heck else… I have met some new friends/acquaintances through Bryan. They’re all really cool people, and I’m hoping to see more of them over time. His bff, Nick, is a great guy and we spent the Murfreesboro weekend with him. Nick’s girlfriend & Bryan’s good friend, Erica, is an awesome, sharp-witted chick who propelled the potential “thing” with Bryan forward and recently acquired a pink scooter, on which she zips around town. I may get to hang with her tomorrow night, so I’m looking forward to that.

I’m not hating Memphis anymore. I’m really not. And I fully intend to write a series of posts as to why, but that’s not happening today. I’ll also post some key photos from my escapades of the past few weeks…later. Tonight I’m going to see the new Harry Potter movie with Bryan. I am gleeful about that, or at least will be once the workday is over.

I do appreciate all your patience with my blogging-ball droppage. I will get back into the groove soon. Cross my heart. For now, please enjoy this photo of Bryan’s cat, Nancy:



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more levitt shell







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For those of you who actually visit WordPress to read my blog, please note that I don’t like today’s Photo of the Day (upper right). Also note that, while I do occasionally OK photos, I would not have picked this one.

Thank you.

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photographic evidence

The move is over! I rode my bike over to the FORMER landlady’s house tonight to drop off my house key. She wasn’t home, so I left a note and put it under the mat. Woo!

Click on this lovely preview to see the Flickr album. I put in the energy captioning each shot, so I have none left for an actual post tonight. Enjoy, my lovelies. Will write soon.



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acute awareness

Baby doll, my baby doll
You’re just fine the way you are
So what’s the matter?
Where’s the problem?
They don’t love you
‘Cause they don’t know you
Like I do

[Mindy Smith | It’s Amazing]

I realized today that one of my biggest strengths and weaknesses is my acute awareness of the world around me. I embrace this awareness when it comes to remembering the details, listening, reading the demeanor of others, being one step ahead in a sketchy situation.

But this same trait has a tendency to kill the magic of life. I am rarely surprised by anything. My capacity for spontaneity is markedly limited. I have great difficulty relaxing.

This is part of why I am so undefined. Because I am in constant observation of the people around me—their words, facial expressions, posture and reactions—I take very seriously the effect I have on them. Those who are more inclined to speak will not be interrupted by me, especially if there’s any chance (ANY chance) that my interjection will elicit sneers, scoffs, groans or other forms of backlash. Watching people has caused me to care far too much what they think of me. It has allowed me to truly appreciate virtually every person I’ve ever met too. But I often find the cost is too high to warrant the benefits.

I am an outskirts-of-the-crowd kind of girl. And as much as I’d like to be in the middle of that pack, I never will feel comfortable dancing alone in the center of a circle. Even with a liter of straight liquor in my system, I could not perform a one-act play in front of a group of people. Maybe that means I’ll never be fully self defined, but those things just ain’t happenin’.

Being highly aware also robs me of the ability to truly enjoy life. I ruin surprises by needing to plan ahead. I can’t wait for the details to fill themselves in—I take the reins and fill them in myself. This is why I’ll likely never be caught off guard by the approach of an interested gentleman: I will take stock of the room long before he knows I’m there, pinpoint exactly who I wish I could talk to and then plan for those conversations. And I constantly change the course of history by forcing the puzzle pieces of life into certain positions that make sense to me. I don’t wait for them to fall there on their own. This is how I start and lose friendships in less than 5 minutes. This is how I make irreparable mistakes and mar circumstances and relationships otherwise brimming with potential. Wedge one piece in where it shouldn’t be (or just wedge it in a few minutes too early) and the whole puzzle explodes, showering those involved with shrapnel. I’m still pulling slivers of my life’s mistakes from my flesh.

Am I insane? A little. I’m glad for my ability to mentally record the details of the world around me, but I’d kill for a little more spontaneity, a bit of flightiness, even a moment of truly letting go without a drop of alcohol in my system. I long for fun. I want to feel wind in my hair, raise my arms over my head, feel the warmth of sun on my face…and not be aware of that person staring at me, not think about the unfinished projects on my plate, not worry about where my life is going.

In fact, it may be more about needing to let go than just wanting. Where’s the switch? I’m ready to flip it.

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I have visited the new apartment every night this week and transferred a load o’ stuff each time. I fly to Michigan in the morning, so tonight’s haul was the last till next week or the following. Thank goodness! I know the worst of it lies ahead, but I need a break for the next day or two.

I did take some obligatory pre-stuff photos of the apartment! Here’s a preview. Click it to visit my Prefill Flickr set.

Click above to see full-size photos on Flickr

Click above to see full-size photos on Flickr

On a totally separate note, I am so thankful for the people in my life. Recent highlights: Mandy offered to spend her break from school visiting me and helping me move my shit to Tennessee. Brett and I went out for coffee twice this week as a break while working late. Matt and I played a rousing game of Scrabble via Facebook (I won’t rub in my win, though it was pretty amazing). I finally talked to Carla after at least a month of missing each other’s calls. Dennis and I had our first phone conversation post-breakup and it went really well—I’m looking forward to the next bit of news on his impending condo purchase! The rest of you rock too. Those are just the highlights.

I’m looking forward to the end of this moving process. Mostly because it marks the start of a new chapter, but also because I can settle the eff down for the first time in a few months. Even when I wasn’t actively packing boxes, I was searching for a place, pacing back and forth cursing my current living situation, stressing about what my future in Memphis would hold. Not every question has been answered, but I’m on a track somewhere now, right or not. Can’t wait to feel settled.

Look out, Michigan! I’ll be there tomorrow morning!


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