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cat (s)update.

Yeah, I wanted that to read like “catsup,” but it doesn’t, does it? Oh, well.

I went back to the Humane Society today to visit Fabrizio. Unfortunately, he was indisposed while getting his harbls removed, so I decided to visit with Reid instead, see what was what with Señor Spaz. After watching him flip his tiny kitten self up onto the carpeted cat tree by a single claw and generally freak out all over the place, I decided Reid just wasn’t for me. Brizio is more my speed, and I need to find him a mellower playmate, especially if the head-tilt situation indicates something chronic that will make him uneasy.

After talking with one of the HS staff, she guided me to Dallas, a 5-month-old black-and-white kitty with a friendly disposition. Being a little older, he was mellower by default, but his personality was just a huge flip from Reid, who didn’t seem all that keen on physical contact from humans. So I’m considering swapping one for other, as guilty as I feel about that. But I know it makes more sense. I probably will go back to the HS at lunch tomorrow, see if Fabrizio is recovered enough to hang with for a bit, maybe try to get them in a room together and see how they get along.

That’s it for now! Over and out.



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step one.

Register a domain. Check! I’m now the proud owner of! It’s not much to look at at the moment, but I’ll be working on it soon. Bryan surfed over to GoDaddy this weekend, and I just happened to have him check on, as it’s been parked with a placeholder page forever now. And there it was, for $10.87! Normally I’m not a compulsive domain buyer (like some people I know) but this domain is mine. It is the screenname I use pretty much everywhere (minus this blog, oddly enough) and it is my “brand.” Bryan also was kind enough to link up my domain with his WebFaction account, awesome guy that he is. :) So, step one complete. Now, to make something happen!

In other news, I am looking at adopting a kitten/cat. The lot of us went to the Humane Society this weekend to peruse the felines. I found two potential youngins named Reid and Fabrizio who were caged together but not siblings. Reid was born at the H.S. and would be the first of his litter adopted out were I to take him home. Fabrizio was found abandoned and brought in alone, based on his file. We all sat in a visiting room with them for a long while, watching Reid race around, cuddling with Fabrizio. They were quite the dichotomy – crazy vs. mellow, athlete vs. lap cat.

I have a couple points of hesitation, of course. (Would I be me if I didn’t?) First, I’m still wondering whether I’m responsible enough or “ready” enough to have a pet. Second, am I at a point where I can keep my stress levels down enough to have animals in my home? Will I be able to stop worrying about both their well being AND the intact nature of my furniture and breakables long enough to enjoy their company? Third, there is the issue of Fabrizio’s tilted head. We all noticed it pretty much right away, a tilt to the right and a bit of a balance problem. His medical file mentioned an inner ear infection, but there’s no telling if that’s something temporary or chronic. Also no telling if it is, in fact, not an infection but a tumor or something else life threatening. All I’d need is for my first pet to get sick or die on me immediately. :(

But I did love cuddling with Fabrizio as he purred loudly and climbed around. Erica posted a photo on Flickr, and though I look a bit mentally handicapped in it, I’ll link to it anyway. After we left the HS, we went to the local Greek place for lunch, and, while we sat looking at the menus, I heard a TV announcer say the name Fabrizio Santos. I glanced up to see he was a professional skateboarder, but since I’d never heard the name Fabrizio before the kitty, I was pretty convinced that meant something.

With so many people visiting the HS with me, it was hard to think clearly and consider my options. So I think I’ll be going back over there at lunchtime tomorrow to visit with Fabrizio again and see how we get along without Reid and the others. As much as I’d like to give ‘Briz a brother and playmate, I think Reid may be a bit out of my league. Though he did entertain himself without my even trying, but still—I want to love my kitties, and Reid and I just didn’t click.

If Fabrizio and I don’t connect, I will respectfully withdraw my application for both little boys and go back to the drawing board. I’m fine with waiting till I find the right cat(s). The last thing I want is another Tori incident, like in college. Had I known torties were so temperamental (recent feline research) and really thought through sharing a single bedroom with a cat, I would’ve waited on that one too. :P

I leave on Thursday afternoon for Birmingham and the Social South social media conference. It will be good to see that city again after some time away. I may even get to see Dennis while there. He has high-school football to cover elsewhere in the state, so he won’t be attending SoSo, but my early arrival should allow us to grab food or a drink, or for me to see the new digs he’s renovating right now. Exciting!

What else… Oh, Bryan, Nick, Erica, Alan & I played D&D yesterday! It was my first game, so I was totally unsure how everything worked. Still am, a little bit. But I caught on well enough to kill a few Kobolds and enjoy myself during the second half of the game. Nick was our DM and he was proud of the six-page back story I wrote about Elluvia, my elven ranger. Always smart to impress the DM! :D Bryan will be DMing the next round, and Nick will be taking over his human shaman, Albini, so they can alternate playing and storytelling. Should be fun to see B in action as DM, both in that game and in the other we’ll be starting with his coworker, his wife and their son in two weekends. Twice the D&D action!! I can hardly wait. :)

Also, my brain is broken. I really need to figure out how to fix it, but with about a million things on my to-do list right now, I don’t think it’s going to happen till after Ireland and a potential mom visit in October. Maybe once fall rolls around and some sort of cool settles over the land, I’ll be able to reevaluate my mental state and get things moving in the right direction. For now, I will read good books, enjoy cuddles whenever possible, share a cup of coffee with a new friend, work hard every day and accomplish as much as I can. Woot!


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RIP Pete

Pete and BryanIt’s sadly ironic that I showcased Bryan’s cat Pete in my blog so recently, and today he is gone. Not long after that post, Pete was diagnosed with kidney failure. It’s not uncommon for older cats, but Pete really wasn’t that old, which makes it all the more unfortunate. Bryan and I noticed he’d been more absent than usual one weekend, and then that he was looking skinny and acting sluggish, so Bryan took him to the doctor the following week. The vet reported that his kidneys had failed already, giving him a couple weeks to a couple months to live. So Bryan broke out the expensive wet food (easier for Pete to eat because of his existing dental issues) and tried to fatten him up and keep him happy.

Pete waits patiently for chiliBut, even with a few mornings pestering Bryan in bed for more food or water (his usual repertoire) his condition worsened more quickly than the doctor estimated. On Wednesday night, he climbed into the bathtub after Erica had taken a shower, never a good sign with sick animals. We put his water bowl in with him, and he drank for several minutes straight. Later that night, he was in the corner under Nick’s bed. It was obvious he was not gaining weight and it was time to put his quality of life first.

So, Bryan made the incredibly hard decision to let him go. He and his mom took Pete to the vet today. And that was that. Even now, it makes me tear up to think about it. I know I have a soft heart anyway, especially when it comes to animals, but I’d already grown to love that little orange fuzzball. Even with matted fur on his little legs, stinky breath and goobers on his face, I would’ve let him sit on my lap for hours if he would’ve tolerated me that long. But, although it hurts that he’s gone, and my heart goes out to Bryan, Pete and his Snack PackNancy and the rest of Pete’s extended family, it hurt more to see him in pain.

Erica came up with a story once that Pete was going to Space Camp. She told Bryan he could come, too, if he hid in Pete’s backpack and promised not to eat his Snack Packs. When I was at the market last night gathering supplies to cook dinner at Bryan’s, I saw a package of Jell-O pudding cups in the clearance section. I thought Pete wouldn’t mind the brand discrepancy, so I bought them. I brought him a cup last night, for his ultimate trip to Space Camp this afternoon.

We’ll miss you, buddy. We won’t be the same without you. We’re already changed because of you. And even though I barely got to know you, I love you dearly, Peters. Have a great time at Space Camp. :*)


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presenting pete

By popular demand (of Mandy):

pete1 pete2

What’s missing from the first photo is the teeny-tiniest tip of his tongue sticking out, which is how he looks most of the time. He also stares like that. It’s a little unnerving, but I know he glowers with love. The second photo contains what appears to be an angelic Wheat Thin. I think Pete was awaiting his bowl of chili – alas, it never came.

Thus endeth the kitty parade. And my workweek. Bon!

Note: For those confused or concerned, Pete is Bryan’s cat, not mine. Though I love him as if he were mine. The end.

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OK, first? I am thankful for having a (tiny) blog following, but seriously people? You are all my close friends. So if you want an update on the mundane details of my life, PICK UP THE PHONE.



There is way too much to tell now that it’s been 3 weeks since my last update. Now, the synopsis will be short, but the details overpowering. So here’s the synopsis: Everything is the same, ‘cept now I have a boyfriend.

Is that sufficient?


OK then. His name is Bryan and he’s a super-cool dude I met through various social media channels and one key contact in Memphis. He has two wonderful felines named Pete and Nancy that I may actually like more than him. ;) We’ve spent quite a bit of time together in the past month, eating dinners, going to movies, playing video games, going to Murfreesboro for 4th of July weekend. It’s been a good time thus far. Hopefully will continue to be for a while yet.

Otherwise, almost nothing is new. Work is still as crazy-busy as ever. I am now an official Tennessee resident. My apartment is working out fine. I am working out as well, though not as much as I should be. I spend a lot of time on Twitter, so you should follow me there because you’ll get 30+ daily updates that way. Much easier than blogging. And I’m lazy, so it’s fitting.

The Memphis weather has turned sweltering, shifted back to normal, sweltering again and now a bit chilly with storms rolling through all of last night. I am surviving, though my electric bill may kill me yet. I use almost no energy otherwise, so it’s sad to see my bill double due to increased A/C use.

What the heck else… I have met some new friends/acquaintances through Bryan. They’re all really cool people, and I’m hoping to see more of them over time. His bff, Nick, is a great guy and we spent the Murfreesboro weekend with him. Nick’s girlfriend & Bryan’s good friend, Erica, is an awesome, sharp-witted chick who propelled the potential “thing” with Bryan forward and recently acquired a pink scooter, on which she zips around town. I may get to hang with her tomorrow night, so I’m looking forward to that.

I’m not hating Memphis anymore. I’m really not. And I fully intend to write a series of posts as to why, but that’s not happening today. I’ll also post some key photos from my escapades of the past few weeks…later. Tonight I’m going to see the new Harry Potter movie with Bryan. I am gleeful about that, or at least will be once the workday is over.

I do appreciate all your patience with my blogging-ball droppage. I will get back into the groove soon. Cross my heart. For now, please enjoy this photo of Bryan’s cat, Nancy:



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too late for a real post

I do have some news though. Maybe tomorrow? In lieu of that, there’s this:

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

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catch the fever! (try to read it all)

Donate to Ducks Unlimited on my behalf!I know my reader base is not extensive, but it’s very valuable. Each one of you is greatly appreciated and often individually considered when I’m trying to decide what (not) to post here. That’s how it goes when your fan club is only 5 strong—you can make pretty much anything happen! =)

So, here’s where I prostrate myself (just then? I started typing “castrate”) before you, loyal readers and friends, on behalf of wetlands and ducks everywhere. I not only work for Ducks Unlimited—I also wholeheartedly support its mission to conserve, restore and manage wetlands across North America.

I’m not a hunter. I don’t even fish. That’s not a requirement for being interested in DU. I love wildlife, picturesque scenery, biodiversity—and clean drinking water! Wetlands are vital to the filtration of our water supply, and they help protect against flooding. Remember the floods in Ohio? More healthy wetlands would’ve helped curb that.

Enough soap-boxing though. I’m writing this post to ask for your help. I am currently attempting to raise $250 for DU as part of our brand-new Duck Fever personalized fund-raising campaign. Basically, you can donate any amount of money you want—from $5 to $infinity—and it will come to DU in my name. It’s spurring healthy competition between DU employees already, and it’s about to become even bigger. (Skip to my two guarantees if you donate.)

Aside from the benefits to our flora and fauna, the other reason I’m sharing this with all of you is because I’m extremely proud of my company, my amazing team of coworkers and the work that goes into our site every day of the week (literally). Duck Fever is one product of that great work, and I’m very excited to share it with everyone I know!

Before I get too caught up in the moment, let me say that I know times are tough for pretty much every single person reading this. So, please, don’t feel compelled to give just because I’m a big Intarwebs whiner. =) But, if you can, do consider giving $5. It’s tax deductible! My nifty little goal meter will go up (see it at the top of my sidebar?) and I will be able to laugh in the faces of my coworkers trailing way behind.

I have two guarantees for any of my readers who donate based on this blog post:

  1. Unless you are against the idea, I will dedicate an entire entry to how awesome you are (assuming I know you). I will sing your praises to the entire Internet nation. Nothing too personal, of course, but I will make broad, sweeping, generalized statements about your character, kindness, intelligence and good looks.
  2. For any donations I receive from this post, I will match you. Since I am out here saying, “Help me raise $250!” I should be willing to give at least half of that myself. So, I will match donations up to a total of $125. Sound fair? I think it should be enticing enough just to see the super-frugal gal squirm as she doles out her money. =P I’m like a side show, people.

Thanks for reading this lengthy plea, and I hope you will consider giving to DU on my behalf! Visit my donation page to see a pretty picture of me and read more about why wetlands rock.

THANK YOU AGAIN, from me and the ducks! (Questions? Concerns? Comment!)

P.S. For any of you out there who actually think I’m cool enough to warrant a Christmas gift in real life, please donate to DU instead. 1) It’s a better cause than my endless collection of “stuff,” and 2) It helps me stay employed! Even better than a weird Japanese toy or pair of long-johns!


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