cat (s)update.

Yeah, I wanted that to read like “catsup,” but it doesn’t, does it? Oh, well.

I went back to the Humane Society today to visit Fabrizio. Unfortunately, he was indisposed while getting his harbls removed, so I decided to visit with Reid instead, see what was what with Señor Spaz. After watching him flip his tiny kitten self up onto the carpeted cat tree by a single claw and generally freak out all over the place, I decided Reid just wasn’t for me. Brizio is more my speed, and I need to find him a mellower playmate, especially if the head-tilt situation indicates something chronic that will make him uneasy.

After talking with one of the HS staff, she guided me to Dallas, a 5-month-old black-and-white kitty with a friendly disposition. Being a little older, he was mellower by default, but his personality was just a huge flip from Reid, who didn’t seem all that keen on physical contact from humans. So I’m considering swapping one for other, as guilty as I feel about that. But I know it makes more sense. I probably will go back to the HS at lunch tomorrow, see if Fabrizio is recovered enough to hang with for a bit, maybe try to get them in a room together and see how they get along.

That’s it for now! Over and out.



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2 responses to “cat (s)update.

  1. Mandyyieeyeie

    Have you looked into getting an older cat. They are typically lots more mellow than kittens.

    • e. autumne

      I have thought about an older cat. It’s a give-and-take kind of decision-making process.

      If I go with a kitten, I have the chance to shape his/her personality (at least somewhat), have a longtime companion, etc. But I have to deal with the potential for kitten spazziness. :) With an older cat (depending on age), I will have to do a lot more research into how he/she behaves, as the personality will be ingrained and less malleable. And there’s a chance that he/she will reject the living situation I have to offer because it’s not the norm based on experience. Also, medical bills and other age-related costs will come along sooner, and I will have less time overall with him/her. But there would be calm and laziness!

      I may have a secondary plan in place. Stay tuned after Birmingham…

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