next step: godliness

ocd shower
This pretty much exemplifies my OCD: paired, color-coded bath products. I’m a little bothered by the asymmetry of the white products (it’s hard to even see the little sample bottle of conditioner next to the bath puff) but I can handle it.

For the past two nights, I have read one of my many books, done some serious cardio, watched season-one episodes of “Gilmore girls,” ate fruit and yogurt, took part in some version of a skin care regimen, took my meds and flossed. I’ve also taken two showers a day. All that sums up to some major inner and outer cleanliness, which feels GREAT. I am sore as heck, but that’s the best part—progress back toward my ideal level of fitness! I’m giving my arm as much of a break as possible, of course, so my lower body is getting most of the punishment.

But now I am tired and unable to think of anything else to say…

azulExcept this!! Carla had her baby girl this afternoon! So exciting and STRANGE to think she has a child. I can’t wait to meet her when I go home again, but it probably won’t be until Christmas… Wow. So long in the scheme of babyhood. She’ll be six months old by then! Crazy. Anyway, she came out 6 lbs 13 oz, named Azul Christiana. Love it. Here’s a photo! Goodnight.

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  1. Mandyyieeyeie

    Should I be worrying? I see you’re updating your twitter so you’re not dead, but I haven’t heard from you in awhile…

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