moving triumph

We are in the home stretch, people. Well, we’re pretty much done, but there’s a few loose ends to be tied up at the old place first. I’m basically in house-sitting mode over there now, as my landlady is on holiday until Tuesday. I spent half the day over there today cleaning the upstairs and doing several loads of laundry.

I’ve determined that I really am the suck when it comes to sweeping the floor. I run a mean vacuum and am skilled as the dust-pan holder, but put a broom in my hands and I become totally inept. Which translates into trying to mop a floor that still has hair and bits of dust all over it. Then getting irritated as you smear the debris into all the grouted crevices. And then just giving up and doing it by hand with paper towel and bleach. That was my afternoon.

But let me rewind momentarily to what you all can read if you check over to the right in my twitter feed… Friday night, I donned a hat and walked from my apartment over to Canoun Mediterranean Grill to read a book, inhale a delicious gyro and sit outside on the patio soaking up the warm May evening. The manager gave me a free piece of baklava after I turned down the usual offer of dessert by the pleasant southern waitress. Canoun is definitely coming in at the top of my list of restaurant preferences these days. =)

After dinner, I walked back home, painted my toenails turquoise and watched some episodes of “Extras” on DVD. Clay lent me two seasons of that and one of the British “Office” after I explained that I’d just realized I had an entire extra day off from work and no idea what to do with all that spare time. =P

This morning, the awesomeness continued when I woke late, brewed coffee (eh) and listened to “Whad’ya Know?” on NPR. I had a little work to do for DU (a tweet, some videos to post and a news release on our new prez), watched “My Neighbor Totoro” (cutest movie ever), stopped at Kroger for a few things and then went to the landlady’s for the rest of the afternoon.

Brett texted to see if I’d be interested in hanging with him later. I met him at Hastings (wearing my cleaning attire, no less) where we ran into the captain (that’s how I think of him anyway) of Spinal Tappin’ That Ass. We browsed the books a bit, but mostly Brett vented about politics and religion, which was fine. It was the first human interaction I’d had all day, so I was OK with any content whatsoever. We drove over to Starbucks for a quick beverage and then parted ways just before 10. My beverage was not decaf, but it hasn’t affected me yet—I’m up late because I’m a dork, not because I’m not exhausted and ready to crash. =P

Tomorrow may hold Cracker Barrel for breakfast with RP and then a trip to Cooper-Young to try out a church Brett mentioned where his friend Joey pastors. Mandy and I walked in its general vicinity when she was here (not the church with the big banners—it’s across the street from there) so I’m familiar with the area. RP asked me to go to Bellevue with him, but I just can’t bear it. Great pastor, but stuffy, uninteresting atmosphere that smells like cold cream and Sea-Bond. *shudder* Besides, if I’m going to make an appearance in Midtown, I probably will stick around there and find a place to drink coffee and read for a while. Maybe Eclectic or Otherlands.

Something I think everyone should read: The Great and Secret Thing Seven days a week of intriguing, amazing and otherwise awesome stuff from the brains of local Memphians and other select creative contributors. My favorites: Magictown, Brandon Dill’s photographs and Matthew’s Cartography verse. I so enjoy being immersed in other people’s creativity. It is ever-inspiring, especially when it’s as good as this.

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