youthful weekend

Last weekend I was supposed to be hitting the road for Birmingham and sunny Gulf Shores to spend a day on the beach and attend a wedding. Then Dennis and I called it quits. So I was SOL for sun and fun. I did manage to salvage a bit of the latter, however.

First, let me say, looking for housing is the pits. I’ve been in the process far too long now. The insanity is catching up with me. I’m so afraid of making a bad decision, which is why I’ve stayed in my current place so long. Having a totally flexible month-to-month/no-lease living situation is really nice and I fear locking myself into a yearlong lease with thousands of dollars in fees if you cancel early. Why was I never worried about this in college? I must’ve just assumed I’d have no reason to leave early. I have no reason to now, either, but I still fear that possibility.

I may have made a decision, but the final steps are forthcoming and still a bit murky. I’m leaving in about 10 minutes to investigate my best option further. Stay tuned…

After I finished pacing the floor of my bedroom trying to figure out my housing on Saturday, I saw the sunshine for the first time as it was about to set and headed over to Brett’s house to watch a movie. We ended up watching “Zelig” (Woody Allen, Mia Farrow; 1983), which was a hilarious mockumentary of sorts on the main character, Leonard Zelig. I was pretty impressed with how it came together. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a Woody Allen film, so I’m impressed with him thus far. After the movie, I stuck around to watch “Cosmos” with a larger group. Brett lent me the book and we watched two segments of the accompanying TV series. I slept a bit on my beanbag during that, but it was fun overall. I also went to Whole Foods with Brett and helped assemble vegan pizzas for his wife and the rest of the guests. Vegan cheese substitute, Newman’s tomato sauce, sundried tomatoes, wild mushrooms and pine nuts. Mmm. It was good times and I went home at 2 a.m.

Sunday was the highlight of the weekend, though, I must say. Again, slept in, then got out into the sunshine a bit earlier and went over to RP’s house so I could accompany him furniture shopping. He claimed to need “a woman’s opinion,” which I found out mostly meant, “If I see something I really think I like, and you think it’s ugly, don’t let me buy it.” But we didn’t find anything because furniture stores are full of cheap crap being sold for $600. Seriously, I never realized how low quality that stuff is. As RP said, “I want a dresser so heavy it takes three guys to move.” What we found was drawers that don’t pull out smoothly and backs made of flimsy paperboard. Lame.

We attempted to find an estate sale near Galloway Country Club (“someone dies there every week”) but to no avail, bought a minnow net at Bass Pro and some beer at Ike’s and went back to the house to catch the bumblebees that have taken over RP’s backyard. They’re eating their way into his shop and preventing him from mowing, so it was time to eliminate them. Between the two of us, we got 34 in a few hours’ time. Between leaping off the deck in hot pursuit and swinging that giant net around, I am sore today. My left knee and my right arm hurt. I feel very old.

We were slated to watch a movie, but that didn’t happen. Instead, we netted bees, drank beer, had a long discussion in which RP declared “We are Pong” and I ate my first and only meal of the day at 11 p.m. before driving home to crash. Surprisingly, I woke up pretty quickly when my alarm went off this morning. Perhaps rabble-rousing is good for me? Shocking.

I’ve eaten nothing but pizza and pasta for the past several days and consumed way too much light (and not-so light) beer. Time to clean up my act again. It almost feels like I’m in a holding pattern, waiting for this housing thing to get ironed out. I haven’t gone grocery shopping in a while and am pretty much completely out of food, aside from several cans of turkey chili and baked beans. I should probably remedy that, since the best housing option won’t be ready until mid- to late May.

All right, time to go check this place out. I know I didn’t do the weekend justice, but nothing’s ever as good in recap mode. I just have to thank Brett & RP for helping me keep my mind off where I should’ve been and the three-month anniversary that would’ve been Friday had the relationship not died on Thursday. I think I’m in the first “A” of DABDA right now. But I already did the first “D” and the “B,” so just another “D” and “A” to go before I’m in the clear. Thank goodness.


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