It’s utterly depressing to be offhandedly browsing your favorite online dating site and come across your ex-boyfriend’s profile on page 3. He’s still a 94% match. Funny how that doesn’t mean anything in the end. Funny. Or heartbreaking. Take your pick.

Believe I’ve reached the second “D” now.



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6 responses to “landmines

  1. Tod

    Yeah, shitsux =/ Use the “remove from searches” option!

    Haha, although, now I’m curious how it ranks ME; do an Ann Arbor search and let me know!

  2. e. autumne

    I don’t know how many pages in you would’ve been – I gave up after the percentages got lower than 87. But this from your profile: 82% Match / 75% Friend / 18% Enemy

  3. Sorry to hear about the breakup :( One of these days something will have to work out.

    And, co-driver for moving? How far are you going?

  4. e. autumne

    I agree. Just not sure when that will happen… Maybe once I fix my issues. Or become a lesbian. :P

    I’m moving my stuff from Michigan down to Memphis (finally). Mandy was coming down to visit me anyway, so we made a plan so both things would coincide. She’s driving down with me in the moving truck and then flying back.

  5. DW32

    If after a couple of days or so from the breakup his dating site is open, he wasn’t that broken up about the breakup, was eager to start dating again-and may have been anyway, and probaby worked it out so that it seemed like a mutual decision. So, whatever reasons he gave you for the breakup, he wasn’t that interested in the relationship anylonger. Good that you broke up as easily as you did and that you are moving on.

  6. e. autumne


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