women of wetlands

I attended a great fund-raising event tonight at DU’s headquarters. My original Friday evening schedule made me think I wouldn’t make it in time, but plans changed and I was there at 6 p.m. sharp for the start of cocktail hour. And, let me tell you, those strawberry margaritas and daquiris were welcome after the week I’ve had.

This was a women-only version of the typical DU events held across the country all year long. (To find events in your area, visit DU’s Events map & click on your state.) It was great to see my female coworkers in a relaxed environment (sort of) outside the workplace. I got to chat with one coworker who’s a Facebook friend but with whom I hadn’t had much chance to talk up to now. And all of the women were thoroughly friendly and sweet.

Women of Wetlands has given me a new perspective of DU’s events system. Previously, I was all for banquets and male bonding and raffling off guns—every dollar helps further our conservation mission—but I never felt much like I fit in in that system. And even though many of the women in attendance tonight are hunters and outdoorswomen themselves, our common ground was our love for DU and its work to restore and conserve our continent’s wetlands.

Each ticket cost $35-40 and there were several raffles, games and auctions throughout the night that I hope netted a good chunk of money for DU. It’s hard for me to break out of my strict frugality (aside from buying my ticket to get in) but I appreciate how willing the other women were to bid more than an item was worth just to see the extra money go back to our cause—that’s a strong testament to our dedication if you really think about it.

Our emcee, Tad, reminded us of the preciousness of clean water and how privileged we are to be able to turn on a tap and receive fresh, clear, cool water that doesn’t require a three-mile trek to the nearest well or (dirty) animal pond. It reminded me of charity:water, but it wasn’t until Tad mentioned it that I realized DU plays a role in that, too, right here at home.

One downside to the evening: the all-male serving staff was considerably older and less dashing than I would’ve liked. Apparently last year’s crew was younger, sleeker and a lot more convincing when it came to selling raffle tickets to the ladies. =) But at least the portly bartenders didn’t judge me when I went up for my second cocktail within the first 20 minutes. Thanks guys. And thanks ladies. From me, DU and the ducks.

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