who owns my soul?

Seriously, the Discover Card rocks. My blog isn’t popular enough for me to officially endorse Discover, but lemme tell ya, it’s the only credit card I use for a reason. Well, several reasons, actually.

  1. Sweet card designs (I have a sea turtle)
  2. Cashback Bonus (one year, I didn’t buy a single Christmas present)
  3. A fake-card-number generator to be used with sketchy online retailers (still works like your regular number, but you don’t risk your real digits getting leaked out there)
  4. Nifty online tools for financial analysis (see below)

One of Discover’s newest online tools is called the Spend Analyzer, which is a slick interactive interface that breaks down your spending habits. It not only shows you (via colorful pie charts) in what area you’re spending the most money, but also to which merchants, across how many transactions, for how much total, etc. You can break it down a dozen different ways, which is perfect for a head case/miser like me!

So, who owns my soul thus far in 2009? I thought I’d share with you the resulting pie charts for Restaurants and Merchandise/Retail through this date in April. Enjoy!





I must say, that second graph made me laugh out loud. Having Wal-Mart, Trinity Wines & Liquor and Publishers Clearing House in the same chart makes me sound like I’ve definitely fallen into the true southern circuit. Of course, it appears most of my soul has been sold to Eddie Bauer, though the one shortcoming of the Spend Analyzer is its failure to recognize Emily Syndrome: Buying and then returning at least 50% of everything. So $189 worth of unnecessary casual garb has been returned to the Collierville EB, but Discover still holds that initial $413 over my head.

At least I gave Circuit City one last $7 gasp of air when I purchased the “Constantine” DVD amidst the skeletons of barren shelving stripped of its once glowing, blinking and shrink-wrapped denizens. In fact, “Constantine” is still shrink wrapped, come to think of it. I should watch that sometime… I can’t take it back, after all! =)

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One response to “who owns my soul?

  1. Jana

    So what I see is that you’re trying out a lot of different places to eat=FUN :)

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