landmark week

This is the first week I’ve had in a long while that I’d call truly busy. I have something scheduled every night Monday through Wednesday, available real estate to drive by and scope out and family in town Thursday through Sunday. And I don’t think anyone realizes how happy every single bit of that activity makes me, even the less-desirable elements like errands and chores. It’s a beautiful thing, being busy.

Beyond the busyness, there’s the fact that my sister and her family will be in Memphis this week. As I’ve mentioned here before, my relationship with my sister has been rocky over the past several years. It is the one real instance thus far where I have seen how difficult a 16-year age gap can be to bridge. In all the time it took me to “grow up,” I failed to be the kind of sister and aunt she needed me to be to her and her daughter. And while I’m still awkward as heck when it comes to kids, I’m trying to do better. It’s been an odd twist of fate, the closeness (via e-mail) we’ve developed since I got pneumonia. I called her the day I went to the hospital(s) to find out what a gall bladder attack felt like, as she’d just had hers removed, and from there on out, we exchanged e-mails and got involved with each other’s lives to a limited degree.

My niece has experienced health problems throughout her young life. In recent years, these problems have been less frequent, giving my sister and BIL a false sense of security that their daughter was out of the woods. But she’s not. This was proven during their recent vacation to Disney World, during which my niece was hospitalized for several days. This directly followed my sister’s gall bladder removal, so stresses have piled upon stresses, leaving my sister in a state of disarray and emotional weariness.

I am praying hard for her and for their family, as my BIL works in the auto industry, so you can imagine the overall stress level in their home right now: astronomical. I’m glad they’ll be getting away for a few days, even if it means 22+ hours on the road and a destination that’s basically just a giant RV parking lot next to some experimental crops on the outskirts of a struggling southern cesspool. But she has hope, and I have that too. For them, for our relationship, for this time together. If you’re the praying type, say a little one for us this week.

Landmark Week is also Holy Week, which lends itself to most of my evening activities: Bible study (sort of—it’s church related), Passion play at Bellevue Baptist and Passover Seder at St. Louis. I’m not sure what the weekend will hold for me, with my visitors, but we’ll see. I think Jesus would understand if I was reaching out to a loved one in need instead of hanging out in a pew. But if I can make it to any of the weekend services/events, I will attend.

Did I mention I went to Birmingham this weekend? More on that later.

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