another reason I love my job

It is Friday morning. I just finished a caramel macchiato in a plain Styrofoam cup with my name and “Car M” written on it in red Sharpie. This delicious concoction did not come from Starbucks. It came from StarDUCKS. This morning was Starducks Café and Merchandise Sale. I walked down to the big conference room to peruse the various kitchen gadgets, spices and sauces; camo hunting gear and delicious pastries and caffeinated beverages available for purchase. The proceeds, of course, went to DU and wetlands conservation.

I got to smile and chat with my coworkers, see the bigwigs from HR sitting around laughing over lattes. Some people get to see that every day at their offices, but it’s rarer when everyone’s so stressed and spent and focused on making money, keeping things afloat. It’s nice to kick back and enjoy each other’s company every now and again. I’m thankful this morning for that opportunity, for the people I work with, even the ones I’ve yet to meet.

Also, I bought a big knife for $5. Rock on.

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