futuristic germans

BoingBoing featured this clip today. Their caption contained the phrase “classic German 1960s space opera.” I could not resist.



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2 responses to “futuristic germans

  1. Jana

    Hah, Raumpatrouille Orion is absolutely classic! Love that dance :) The main characters in your clip are btw Cliff Allister McLane, the commander (the actor was the German voice of James Dean!) and Tamara Jagellovsk—I think she was the head of security. Wow, it’s been ages, I don’t really remember anything of the plot, but they did have super funny props, and made up very cool words. Here the intro to the series:

    “What may sound like a fairy tale today may be tomorrow’s reality. This is a fairy tale from the day after tomorrow: There are no more countries. There is only mankind and its colonies in space. People have settled on faraway stars. The ocean floor has been made habitable. With velocities still unimaginable today, spaceships are rushing through our Milky Way. One of these spaceships is the ORION, a minuscule part of a gigantic security system protecting the Earth from threats from outer space. We shall now accompany the ORION and her crew on their patrol at the edge of infinity.”

  2. e. autumne

    Oh, my gosh, Jana – THANK YOU for this information. It totally made my day to get background on the German space opera!

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