blatant litter bugs

On my way home from bible study this evening, I was driving behind a mid-’90s pickup truck. At one point, said pickup slowed, and I noticed debris of some kind flying from its right side. I first assumed it was trash from the truck bed, which, though bad enough, was not a deliberate act of littering. But then I noticed it was coming from farther up, from the passenger-side window. No sign of life in that seat, but I have to think there was someone sitting there. Every hundred feet or so, some new piece of litter cascaded from the window, as if the passenger were unwrapping something and throwing off the wrapper piece by piece. I rarely honk my horn, especially in the hair-trigger South, but I couldn’t stop myself from sounding a little peep as we rolled up to a four-way stop near my neighborhood.

I can’t wrap my mind around blatant littering, around blatant harm of our planet of any kind. Now, I don’t recycle every piece of 1 or 2 plastic, and I waste a lot more energy than I should, but I try to make up for it in other ways. I recycle everything else I can, turn off lights whenever I don’t need them, etc. Basic things I remember learning from PSAs (and my mom) in elementary school. But when I think about my coworker who drinks strictly bottled water and Bud Light (or so it seems) and never recycles a single bottle or can? Wow. He even has curbside recycling at home! And if he didn’t? Our office recycles those two things in the break room. And? There’s a recycling facility two minutes from the office. The last time I was at his house, I wrangled all our empties back to my house, to our mini recycling center in the garage, which I inspired my landlady to start. I find it humorous to think that she sees me as an energy waster, when I have the best intentions about keeping our energy use low and our waste even lower. Sigh.

Now that I’m back, here’s the quickest recap I can muster: I am well again. The side effects from my meds caused me to go off them prematurely, so I’m praying not to relapse. Dennis came to visit me in Memphis twice recently. We saw “Watchmen,” ate lots of food at many restaurants, had a Photoshop lesson at a coffee shop in Midtown, went to a sports bar to drink and watch basketball and some other fun stuff too. I plan to visit him in Birmingham next weekend, which will be my first trip there in over a month. I went to my second session of therapy, and while I’m still not certain it’s worth my hard-earned cash, I’m going to stick it out for a full month of sessions before deciding. I made another effort at finding a new place to live, and in the end, chickened out because I’d prefer to save $300/month rather than waste it on an apartment that’s nice but not really worth it. I can handle this a while longer and reevaluate in a few months, unless I get kicked out sooner. I made some new friends in Memphis and then abruptly lost them because of my own foolishness. I attended some interesting local events (Lil’ Film Fest & Memphis Pillow Fight) and wandered around the Memphis Zoo by myself, taking photos (they will come eventually). I spent some time with new coworker-friends whom I treasure. I’ve been going to bible study regularly at St. Louis Church and learning about the Catholic Mass & Eucharist. We currently have three human and one canine house guest staying with us for the week. So far this hasn’t caused me grief; I’m praying that continues. My sister & her fam will be here in two weekends for their visit, so I’m still looking forward to that. There are several events at church next week that I’m interested to experience, so I hope I can make it to most of them.

And that is all. It is after 10 and time to sleep and/or read. More to come…


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