where was I?

Yeah, yeah, I’ve been neglectful of the blogging. Reason being? I can’t stop tweeting, so if you want to see what’s been going down lately, you might want to check out that feed. Maybe even sign up for your own Twitter account? And follow me? And download Twhirl so you can see my tweets in real time? It’s so worth it; trust me. Also, for those of varying levels of nerddom? You also can follow Wil Wheaton, or @wilw (Wesley Crusher, Star Trek: The Next Generation); @levarburton (Geordi LaForge, TNG; Reading Rainbow); @brentspiner (Data, TNG); @williamshatner (Captain James T. Kirk, Star Trek); @georgetakei (Commander Sulu, ST); @neilhimself (Neil Gaiman, author), et al. I’m following 66 now, including those above, other cool people and equally cool non-people like the @hubblepao telescope, the @smithsonian, @theonion and @ducksunlimited (which is, essentially, me and my boss).

It took too long to insert all those links. Time to get back to work. But to give a quick summary of life: Work is busy, trying to get enough sleep (fail), driving to Birmingham this afternoon for Valentine’s Day & a wedding, long week that needs to end, long two weeks without hugs and cuddles, too much oregano on last night’s potato skillet, scary hair stylist nearly maimed me with comb yesterday, weather has returned to 40s from mid-60s/70, looking forward to spring, hoping I won’t inadvertently eat up all my vacation hours for the year by leaving a couple hours early for weekend B’ham trips… I resolve to begin blogging again soon, loves. Really. In the meantime, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

“Because romance is SO last year…” Awkward Valentines

If Valentine’s Cards Told the Truth

The Science of Romance: Brains Have a Love Circuit

A Valentine’s Day Love Story from Ducks Unlimited


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