morning pick-me-up

OK, seriously? If I’d been aware that sharing an early breakfast with someone would make me feel this good on an average weekday morning, I’d do it every day. Something about getting up at 5:10, driving through quietish streets to the local Perkins and chatting with an old co-worker for an hour over pancakes, eggs and coffee… It was nice. I’d do that every (other) day if I could. Now I’m sitting here at the office, which is also nice, because I have a built-in half-hour cushion before the day begins. Normally I’d start work early, but Windows is updating, which means a reboot is probably on the horizon. In the meantime, I’m writing to you and sipping black coffee brewed by another early-arriving co-worker. Yes, black coffee. You heard me. And it’s not even from Wolfgang’s. I’m easing into that I’m-corporate-enough-to-have-a-company-cell-phone-AND-drink-black-coffee persona. Seems to be working for me so far.

Alabama guy is on the road the next three days covering wrestling in another city. Hoping he will not end up too frazzled, but at least there’s the promise of a couple days off to follow. So looking forward to my trip over there again on the 13th. It’s worth it to travel on the most cursed day of the year. Especially when it’s followed so closely by a day of Hallmarkian romance and affection. But I’m resisting buying him that huge box of chocolates and red stuffed monkey with heart-shaped eyes. Just not my style. Probably not his either.

But, seriously. I’m in a really good mood. Soak it up, kids – this doesn’t happen all that often. Or at least I fail to share it when it does. The icing on the cake was that another co-worker arrived at the same moment I did, which I came to realize was an additional stroke of luck since I’d left my keycard on my desk last night. Just imagine what a damper it would have put on my great morning, having to sit in my car till another early arrival showed. I think this is the part where I say God is good. And He is. I just don’t always listen to Him enough or recognize Him when He moves. Something to consider. In the meantime, I’m going to reboot and get to work. Happy Thursday, all!

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