exhaustion breeds… well, nothing

I slept for a total of three hours last night. I have absolutely no poignant, interesting or even coherent thoughts to share with the blogosphere this evening. However, it’s been days since my last entry, I took half the night off from activities to wind down and there’s no good reason not to brief you all on the past few … days? weeks? I don’t know where I left off anymore.

I returned to Birmingham (I can’t bear to say ‘Bama when referencing the state and I use B’ham as sparingly as possible) this past weekend. What can I say? I find the draw of hilly roads and hot men irresistible. Sue me. There was s’mores-making, some mild intoxication, my first encounter with “Heroes,” an amazing pizza that satisfied my month-long lack of cheesy/doughy/saucy/toppingsy goodness, a good bit of swoony behavior and a visit to a very bohemian restaurant called The Bottle Tree. I have pictures that may actually find their way off my camera at some point… maybe.

Since then, I have been getting too little sleep and walking around in a half-haze most days. I’m hoping to remedy that at least a bit tonight by going to bed within the next half-hour. I arranged to meet a northerly co-worker for a very early breakfast at the local Perkins before he heads back to MI, so I’ll be up at 5 for that.

Anyway, back to the week… Been working a lot, attended a Social Media Expedition breakfast this morning at the University of Memphis. It was pretty awesome to sit in a room filled with people passionate about Facebook, Twitter and other avenues of social networking going on today. Sort of like a Star Trek convention, but a different kind of nerd. =) (Well, some were probably the same kind, but I don’t like to generalize.)

Tomorrow night is beer night (I hope) with the co-workers. I don’t particularly need to unwind, but it is a social gathering I look forward to now that we’re going on a month with the tradition. I haven’t decided if that will be followed by a trip to the gym, returning things to Target or retreating back home to lounge, watch TV and sleep. Any of the three sound like decent options right now. Except the gym.

It is time to rest my eyes and my head. Hope you’re all having a great week. Plan to provide a real update sometime – maybe this weekend? You may commence holding your collective breath.

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