25 things

Because it ended up being so detailed on Facebook, I figured why not make it a blog entry as well? And for those who’ve read it once already, don’t bother doing it again – nothing’s changed.

1. My favorite color is purple. It has been as long as I could form words enough to express deep concepts like favorites. Even though I don’t look particularly good in it and it can be one of the more garish choices on the palette, I cannot stay away.

2. I am unable to resist dogs, even small, yappy ones. If you put me in a room full of floppy-eared, fuzzy-faced tail waggers, I’d probably pass out right there in the middle of a furry pile. I will crouch down and get nose-to-nose with any dog I meet, and pretty much ignore all other human life until I’ve sufficiently cuddled the closest canine.

3. A defining phrase for me would be “copy editor.” It applies on so many other levels than just what I do for my job or the positions I held with high-school and college publications. I am detail oriented to the nth degree and cannot stop scanning text for errors even when immersed in reading a good book. Some people appreciate it – others (specifically those whose writings I rip apart) do not. Either way, it excites me to no end when I am sent a paper, article or other block of text to edit.

4. I am the most well-meaning half-green person you will ever meet. I love the environment and work for it daily. I use canvas grocery bags and recycle my Lean Cuisine boxes. I have the best of intentions to drive less, bike more, buy local and organic, take every route possible to save energy, compost, save the trees & harness the sun’s energy – just give me a little more time…

5. I thrive on quiet. The occasional loud party or bar scene is fine, but I excel in quiet. I speak softly, listen more than I speak and step lightly wherever I go. Some people call this meekness, but I label myself the ultimate observer. When I do say something, I strive for profundity. I do not always succeed. My eventual home will involve some level of quiet, whether from vacant woods, the never-intrusive white-noise roar of waves, the stillness of mountain air or the daily bustling of a small town.

6. Loose change, buttons, lint and any other grimy/smelly item you’d find in a pocket or at the bottom of a backpack at the end of the school year grosses me out. I do not like how my hands smell after touching coins or other metals, and you’ll find me washing and sanitizing for an hour afterward. Similarly, getting bits of sand and other debris under my fingernails while cleaning out a purse or bag definitely triggers my gag reflex. This does not stop my friends from chasing me around with quarters and pasting buttons to my birthday cards.

7. I spend about 99.5% of my conscious hours thinking really hard about things. These thoughts may or may not be related to the task I’m simultaneously completing. They may or may not cause problems for me or lead to more questions, more answers, even more thinking. I rarely voice my thoughts, but the occasional blurting occurs in my blog (https://autumne.wordpress.com) or into the ear of certain fortunate individuals.

8. I believe in God. Don’t know what it is or why I’ve never been able to shake it, but I’ve believed in God since my sophomore year of high school. I guess there’s no telling what kind of impact a sincere friend with an enormous heart will have on your future. Even when I wonder, I never stop believing. And even if you have, I’ll never stop being thankful for you. And neither will He.

9. I write tweets far too often. I occasionally do it for work so I can excuse my incessant need to write 140-character summaries of life.

10. I sometimes wonder if I could be a counselor. Going from major depression to general OK-ness has given me a nudge in that direction. Among other things, something to consider for my future.

11. My two future dogs will be named Rambo & Widget. If I ever have another goldfish, he will be called Dwight Schrute.

12. My parents divorced when I was 2. I never like to be one of those finger-pointers over things like “when I got screwed up,” but I have a sneaking suspicion this may be at the root of my paranoia, attachment, fear, loneliness, clinginess, worry, control, doubt & distrust. I’m like a psychology manual over here, people.

13. I am really easy to please when it comes to food, music & movies. A bad book usually won’t keep my attention long enough to finish, but I can handle two hours of an utterly crappy movie (so long as there are at least a few explosions) without too much trouble. I do not recognize the flavors of certain spices or know which wine should be paired with an entrée, so I will be OK with either filet mignon or Kraft Mac ‘N’ Cheese. Pretty much any song will elicit an emotion for me so long as I can understand the lyrics or at least bob my head to the beat. Do not play gangsta rap and we will be fast friends.

14. I love going on walks. I don’t do it nearly enough, but am all for it when asked. Crisp fall evenings are best, but sunny winter afternoons, damp spring mornings and mild summer nights are acceptable alternatives. Dog, no dog. Holding hands or not. Woods, cul-de-sac, seashore, beaten or unbeaten path. I am not a picky walker.

15. Kids and old people make me nervous. I am not really capable of entertaining either for long periods of time. I’m not much of a face-maker or prat-faller. I also do not have long, engaging stories to tell about my life. I’m usually sarcastic and sometimes a little flaky. But I am a good listener, so give me a chatty kid or a rambling old-timer and I’ll be OK for at least a half-hour.

16. Since 2002, I have lost approximately 75 pounds, and currently weigh in under 200 pounds for the first time since middle school. Some of that happened randomly upon starting college and not drinking three cans of soda every day for no reason. The rest has been a result of intense workouts and semi-decent nutritional habits that began in 2007. I’m pretty pleased with my progress.

17. I have this weird tendency to think I need to be “cool.” This does not mean the stereotypical coolness of youth, but the ability and desire to take one interest, hobby or subject and learn the hell out of it. Music junkies are beyond my comprehension, as are movie buffs, professors and other definitive experts in various fields. I tend to graze on information rather than gulping it down in mass quantities that I’m actually capable of regurgitating in any understandable or respectable way. Bibliophiles puke up genius; I just puke.

18. Public speaking and performance pretty much terrify me. Before the elementary-school gymnastics presentation, my groupmates and I tried to get bulimic in the girls’ bathroom. I could not stop shaking before gymnastics presentation #2 in middle school. And speech class in high school? Forget about it. I was a nervous wreck before, during and after every class, even when we weren’t scheduled to speak. Never knew when we’d get an impromptu topic and a “Go” signal from the creepy teacher.

19. My mom and I are strangely close. Again, I think this has to do with living in the aftermath of a divorce, but other contributors include being the youngest child, being a secondary version of her in very obvious ways & being the one to live alone with her when the husband and other kids had left the nest. I’m not saying this closeness is always a good thing, but I’d say it evens out as a solid blessing overall.

20. I’m way too practical to do this, but if I suddenly had an aneurysm and forgot I was the most responsible person on planet earth, I would flee to Australia, Ireland or the Mediterranean – or possibly all three – and soak up local culture like a Sham-WOW. Not to mimic too closely a certain new acquaintance of mine, but I’d be all over blogging about it too. My brain is 3,000 miles away already.

21. I do my best to remember the details of everything. I especially like remembering other people’s stories, likes/dislikes and opinions. I like to hear them laugh or see their eyes light up when I can repeat verbatim something they said anywhere from two minutes to two years ago. I like being able to find small items at the store that make me think of certain people, then hand them out for no reason and on no particular holiday. It’s the reason I don’t often watch movies or read books more than once.

22. I am not really into sweets. I prefer the slight bitterness or hearty milkiness of chocolate if I indulge in a dessert. Buttery, salty or sour are all fine too. But do not bother offering me Pixie Stix, lollipops or jelly beans. I am more of a rich and decadent girl.

23. I used to have several obsessive-compulsive habits that had a tendency to make my life more difficult than it should’ve been. I checked the lock on my car and apartment several times before leaving them. I did a math problem in my head every time the clock read an arithmetic time (12:36 – either 1x2x3=6 or 1+2+3=6). I agonized over phone conversations that lasted odd intervals, like 1 hour, 59 minutes. (Why, God, couldn’t we have talked just one more minute?! Maybe even just 30 seconds?! Woe!) I ate roundish foods in concentric circles toward the middle. I left equal portions of competing foods on my plate, then combined the piles into a single forkful to end the meal. I was convinced that not doing these things would mean the end of the world as I knew it. I no longer believe that, but I do still do some of these things to lesser degrees.

24. 24 is my favorite number. The weird behavior I forgot to mention in #23 is that odd numbers make me extremely nervous, and I would much prefer every number be totally even, in digits or as a whole. My birthday – 8/26/84 – makes me feel wholly at ease with the universe. Just leave out the “19-” and we’re golden. It doesn’t hurt that this is my 24th year on the planet either. I think my goal was to make it the best year ever – I may actually be succeeding. :)

25. I have this odd tendency to waver back and forth between multi-syllable, complex words and lolspeak without batting an eye. Their use is not reliant on context either – I once titled a work e-mail, “I can has videos?” I am also not against the use of just plain “lol,” but please keep it separate from the rest of your thoughts with (at the very least) a comma.


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  1. I’ve not completed one of those, even though I’ve been tagged in 1 or 2. I don’t think there are 25 things about me, let alone 25 interesting things.
    I do like reading them though…

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