nerd land – population: ?

I’m pretty sure my job is one of the greatest jobs a person could have. I’ve said this at least a dozen times now. But, seriously, even just from a dinking-with-social-media perspective, it rocks.

I started talking to someone recently who does a similar job, or at the very least can throw around acronyms like SEO, knowing and caring about its definition. In the grand scheme of things, we haven’t talked much about work particulars, but we did get on the subject tonight, and I found that I relished being able to discuss what I do with someone who understands what I’m talking about. It made what I do seem a whole lot more important than it does on a daily basis.

Along with all my passion, interest and drive, though, comes a teeny-tiny crystal of doubt. Maybe I’m just too much of a pessimist by nature, or maybe I don’t fully understand the way our body of supporters operates, but I have to wonder if people really care that much. In the case of the recent-talking-someone, his job involves breaking news and athletics, two things that people in general cannot get enough of. His pigeon hole is wide and deep enough that there’s plenty of wiggle room. Ours is much narrower, much more specific and not anywhere near as dynamic.

The problem is, there aren’t great stories surfacing several times a day – or even daily, sometimes – about waterfowl hunting and/or wetlands conservation. If we also covered turkey hunting, fishing and deer hunting, we’d be set. But all we have is waterfowl and their habitat. Within that, we have only the stories that our organization deems “fit to print,” which means they don’t contain hard-to-swallow opinions or questionable facts. Limits abound. And there are so many hands in the communications pot, and so few that understand the importance of sharing any and all information through as many online channels as humanly (and technologically) possible, we end up with wholly static pages and very little dynamic content.

I can’t figure out a way to solve this problem. If we are so limited in available content, AND limited in manpower and interest in keeping the online world updated as to our newest stories and additions to the site, then we are doomed. It would be different if I sat around all day with nothing to occupy my time, but that is never the case. Somehow, the crazy patchwork of tasks that is my day at the office takes up all 8 hours plus a few. I’m switching from one thing to the next without even realizing it’s happening, and very rarely do I get to take on a project that lasts more than 4 hours.

See, even though I’m not a waterfowl hunter or a classic DU supporter, I want to live and breathe my company as much as I can. Not only does it keep me employed and able to eat, but also it’s a great cause that I believe in. And I think, as the economy suffers and global warming eats away at environmental integrity, any group that’s fighting to save vital pieces of our landscape is to be respected and supported.

If you’re interested, consider following Ducks Unlimited on Twitter, following ME on Twitter, adding DU to your MySpace network (better branding on that page coming SOON) and, in the near future, becoming part of DU’s nonprofit network on Facebook. Stay tuned – more to come!


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