personal safety

It should not be the norm to be constantly concerned about one’s personal safety. To breathe a sigh of relief because you made it through the night without a break-in or got to work in one piece. And, looking at my neighborhood, you wouldn’t think any of that. But Memphis just has this vibe. And then a neighbor leaves a note in your door saying, “Call me! Very important!” So you call him and he’s not home, but you think there must’ve been someone prowling your yard the day before or staking out your house from their car parked on the street. It makes me feel the need to buy a gun and go home at lunch to guard the house. Or maybe my landlady just needs to get back from Florida so I don’t feel like I need to hold down the fort on my own. Perhaps I wasn’t ready to buy a house after all.

In other news, babysitting went successfully, though it was followed up immediately thereafter by some intense vomiting on the part of three family members. This was a disconcerting turn of events to be sure. I hung around long enough to clean up the kids’ toys and chat briefly with what I can only imagine were two very harried parents who lost out on the relaxing-date-night opportunity when they walked in to see their son puking all over their throw blanket. Poor kid. =( I hope they all survived the rest of the weekend…

I decided to wear a blazer today. Not sure why. Had a new blogging idea this morning: Memphis Murder Report. And I just looked at the clock and saw it was 8:26. That makes me happy every time. One little remnant of OCD years past. Have a great day, children.


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  1. I really hope it’s just a vibe and you are actually quite safe.

    That said, I have to voice my approval of your need to buy a gun. You have been lead to this feeling for a reason, go with it. I’m here for recommendations if you need them.

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