musical intent

I am now keeping a list of topics that pop into my head for future entries. Just so you know this isn’t all one big, unplanned mental concoction day after day. Or maybe it is. Either way, I’m making a list!

And while the original intent of this post was to combine two short topics into one entry, because I wasn’t feeling particularly bloggy starting out, the one topic ended up going on and on (see below), so we’re sticking with just one for this afternoon. Enjoy!

what do you really listen to?

I was thinking this morning on the drive to work about what I put in all my dating profiles and other stupid surveys regarding my musical tastes. Though the list is now extensive, it hasn’t always been. In elementary school, I would’ve said oldies. In middle school, country. In high school, country and Christian rock. Then in college, we entered the land of “Everything except rap,” which persisted until fairly recently, when I decided that that answer sounded pretty lame, made me seem like I didn’t know anything about music and gave the wrong impression. Because even though rap doesn’t encompass hip-hop and R&B, anyone who says “everything but rap” probably means “everything but that huge wad of genres that can be tied up with a big ribbon and given the mass label of ‘rap.'” And since I do enjoy the occasional hip-hop or R&B song, that was not the image I wanted to convey. So, now, when asked, I rattle off an obscenely long list of genres (which, ironically, does not contain hip-hop OR R&B), among them alt-rock (whatever that is), bluegrass, classic country (because I can’t bear to admit liking the less-obnoxious Brad Paisley songs, which cannot be extricated from the REALLY obnoxious Brad Paisley songs defining modern country; also, I love Tim McGraw), mountain music, folk, Celtic, classical when I’m reading, 1960s-’80s pop and rock (“classic” is so subjective, and modern pop makes me queasy, though it’s easy to sing along to) and Christian rock.

Now, here’s my question, if you are like me in having this litany of musical preferences: what do you REALLY listen to? If I were left in a room with an iPod and several spare hours, I’d probably surf around to all these places on the musical spectrum, but the real test is in my car every morning. Granted, Memphis radio stations are slim pickins, but I do have choices! So, what do I pick? klove. Almost every time, unless the really obnoxious morning-show-host-couple is in the process of dropping their daughter off at school, because, holy crap, I don’t need to hear you being all teary about your baby-girl-going-out-into-the-world-and-leaving-you every morning. I forget that the local volunteer station, WEVL (very similar to The Impact in programming style), even exists. And the dial seems to turn to country only after I cross the state line into Michigan.

So, what I actually listen to is contemporary Christian rock. Maybe I’m the only person too lazy to change to another preset or scan for something new. Or maybe my 7-minute commute just isn’t long enough to merit branching out. But I wonder – what do you really listen to? Because my answer just isn’t as cool as that whole list. And I forget I own an iPod filled with eccentric tunes from around the globe. Do you?


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6 responses to “musical intent

  1. I have loads of music on my MP3er that I never listen to, either I’m not in the mood when it comes on or it’s something that I downloaded to “explore” a new artist and discovered I didn’t like at all. I’d guess 2/3 of the content falls into the unlistened-to category. My neuroses about losing data keep me from deleting it.

    So what I do actually listen to:

    Country is still the default, oldies, rock and then when I’m working out lots of AC/DC and Meatloaf.

  2. Like you, I used to respond to the question by saying “Anything but rap.” However I have realized a while ago that I needed to update that to “Anything but gangster rap”, as I do like the Beastie Boys, which is technically rap I guess. And I no longer try to shut down my brain if I hear some R&B, not to mention that WayFM and other Contemporary Christian stations play rap in the mix as well. And KLove is a good station, I got to hear them while traversing the country in the various cities they broadcast in.

    As for what I want to listen to, is depends on the day, and the moment. Anything from Classical, country, rock, to the Heaviest Metal. Nothing overtly evil, and definitely nothing Satanic. Instrumental Guitar music, I’m almost always in the mood for it. In the car, with no CD player, the radio bounces between 93.7 (B93 country) and 89.9 (WayFM Contemporary Christian), occasionally 107.3 (WKLQ hard rock)

  3. Mandy

    Typically, I like songs that sound happy and have a fun beat. I am totally oblivious that other types of music exist outside of the radio because I don’t enjoy it enough to research and find new artists in my spare time. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I don’t think that having a wide range of musical interests or knowledge is something to take pride in any more than having a wide range of crafting interests or liking different kinds of candy.

    I hate when people ask what music I like, as if it somehow defines me as a person. To ask in an interested sense like “what kinds of sports do you like? oh, really, you don’t like sports? i like fuseball” is one thing. But to give that look of condescension when I don’t have a list of unheard-of bands that I’ve found on my own… it’s dumb.

    Even if you asked me to go to a Brad Paisley or Third Day concert I would not go because even though they are among my favorites, I hate concerts. So why does it matter? Even if we share a favorite music, I’m probably not going to sit around and listen to it with you.

    Anyway, rambly and choppy. But had to get it out. =) Talk to you later!

  4. Tod

    Over the past couple weeks, my car’s been playing Five Iron, Weird Al, King Missile (your favorite) and that weird Scandinavian metal I like. When I’m at work, though, I mostly listen to Pandora, on a station that I initially created to be “downbeat and relaxing” but which has gradually become a station of make-out music.
    This may explain my burgeoning attraction to the books.

  5. Mandy, you’re never going to build any indi cred that way. But, I think you have a point – people equate obscure music knowledge and taste with being cultured.

    The best use of questioning what kind of music someone likes is when you intend to be a in car with them for the next 4+ hours. There is certain music that I just don’t like at all (lots of it falls into the categories of punk, techno and the aforementioned gangsta rap). So if someone I am going to be around, like on a road trip, sharing a lab space, etc. really digs this shit, that might end up being a problem. Seems that usually people can find something that’s mutually non-grating though.

  6. *indie. Fuck… I can’t even spell the hippie distinction correctly.

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