small goals

Not really New Year’s Resolutions, but small goals for the coming months:

  1. Toning up my ass – probably via lunges. I’ve never been much into squats, but I’m sure I should learn how to do them properly. That’s where most of the beefy guys hang out at the gym though…
  2. Lengthening my torso – no, not like an Ethiopian’s neck. I just need to work on my posture. I already have a short torso, which gives me the look of chunkiness even when I’m at my most fit. Plus, sitting up straighter and building core muscles will allow my lungs more room to expand during exercise. Bonus!
  3. Limiting meals out – unless I’m going on a date where the guy is paying, I’m limiting restaurant trips to two lunches per week with coworkers, and one “wild card” meal on weekends. In the rare instance that I socialize on weekends, I will have that wild card for a lunch or dinner out. But since I usually don’t, I’ll be saving myself that one meal per week. Now, that doesn’t mean I can use it elsewhere, but it is there, just in case.
  4. Saving wherever possible – after looking at the nicest little house yesterday, I am seriously considering moving forward with my adult life and purchasing a home. Next step? Having enough money to do it. =P Thus, along with the less-eating-out goal above, I will make an effort to spend less on gas, groceries and other random trips to stores and other venues that drain my finances. I will have to continue making my usual monthly payments on the car and other stuff, but that’s to be expected.
  5. Looking into dual-employment – as much as I hated it, acquiring a second job may be the only way I can build my savings fast enough to afford a house in the near future. I have been browsing Craigslist and applied for one weekend housekeeping position that’s probably already been filled. I also said I was interested in becoming an event coordinator for the speed-dating site, so I have to fill out my application for that. At least I have no life down here, right? =P
  6. That’s all for now. Small on their own, but some are part of a much bigger picture. Note that I didn’t put “Buy a house” on there, because that, folks, is just way too big.


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