size 14

I was listening to one of the local (hick) country stations on the way to work this morning. The morning-show hosts were discussing some study that supposedly correlated a woman’s size with her happiness. Apparently, according to their findings, a size-14 woman is the happiest, being most satisfied with her job, life status, mate, etc. Next were size 12s, then 10s, 8s and 16s.

One caller made a good point that the women’s ages may not have been factored in, since many women will be a higher size after having children, thus also raising (in most cases) their joy levels. She said she used to be a 14, is now a 6 and wouldn’t dream of going back to her former state. That offended me a little, but I understand, and if I could be a 6, I would be. It was just the incredulity with which she said it that rubbed me the wrong way. Fourteen is not gigantic. It will never be petite, but it’s not awful.

Anyway, the worst part was what came next. The caller stated that younger women are less pleased with being a size 14, to which one of the hosts replied, “That’s true – I was watching ‘The Biggest Loser’ last night, and those women didn’t seem too happy!” To think that men (sorry, generalizing) assume that size 14 = 300 pounds of woman is pretty damn ludicrous! I’d rather a man have no idea what “14” means (since it’s not in inches like his pant size) than to think it means you sweat when you walk. Ugh! People are stupid.


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2 responses to “size 14

  1. Women’s sizes are ridiculous anyway. What’s wrong with just a waist size in inches like guys? Why invent some alternative BS standard.

  2. e. autumne

    I agree. But they had to make the women feel all dainty and shit by decreasing the numbers.

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