all about motivation

So, I went to the gym tonight, despite having absolutely no desire to be there. I stretched out the workday until 6 o’clock, then sat in the car talking to Mandy for another hour. But when I walked in and got changed, I thought to myself, All things considered, I’m looking pretty damn good right now. Better than I ever have, anyway. And doing this is the only way I’m going to manage to stay that way. SO GET TO IT. And, boy, did I. I did a full hour on the elliptical, even though I could breathe only about 60% of the time because of the freaking humidity in there. Also, I was watching “The Biggest Loser,” which helped with the motivation. I know I’m not 387 pounds, but I know how they feel, and I can sort of imagine how difficult it must be for them to jog in place for three minutes, let alone power through an hour on an elliptical trainer. So I feel like I might owe it to them to do what I can. They are my people and always will be, no matter what department I shop in.

In any case, the elliptical machine claimed I had traversed more than 9 miles and burned 850 calories. I felt good about that. I then did all the usual weight-lifting activities, stretches and lunges. By the end, I could’ve rung out my sports bra. I mean, you can ring out pretty much anything wet, but this was SATURATED.

Anyway, when I climbed into the car, I realized it was NINE O’CLOCK. Makes sense, really, since workouts take me two hours, but I just didn’t realize it would be that late. Came home, nuked a frozen chicken breast, steamed some broccoli and cauliflower and toasted a slice of bread. Probably too late to be eating anything, but I thought it best, since I wasn’t ready to fall straight into bed yet. I’m afraid I’m going to be too amped to sleep so I can get up a little early and get this month’s DU newsletter done ASAP, but my eyelids remain heavy, so I think I’m OK.

Tomorrow night, the 20-something singles from one of the churches are meeting at PANERA for dinner!! So excited to go there. I’m still worried about how the prices will have inflated, but I’ll just have to find out. I will be disappointed if it’s too expensive to justify ever going again, but hopefully not. Apparently southerners are unimpressed with it, which doesn’t surprise me. I have a feeling they didn’t add anything deep-friend, barbecued or slathered with lard to the menu, so what southerner would have a use for the place? =P (No, I don’t hate southerners; I just pick up on their inability to go anywhere but Cracker Barrel, Corky’s (BBQ) and Huey’s (burgers).)

Time to wind down for the evening.


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