quick notes on Craigslist

I’m wondering something… Who should bear the burden on Craigslist? Does it depend on the desperation of the parties involved? Say someone is selling a TV – should it be the seller or the buyer who drives a half-hour across town to complete the transaction? Does it depend whether the seller is hoping to make a last-minute buck before moving? Or whether the buyer just had their TV die the day before movie night? It seems to me, if I’m a buyer with $75 in hand for what will more than likely be a too-small, too-old tube television set, I think it’s only fair that the seller bring it to me. I don’t expect him to set it up and sync it with my universal remote, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to navigate the crime-ridden streets of Memphis to procure it.

And don’t get me started on “re-homing fees” for pets on Craigslist. Seriously, people, you’re asking someone out there to take an animal off your hands (one that you adopted, found on the street or were given as a gift that YOU CAN’T KEEP). Why should the person on the other end, who’s going to be responsible for picking up the animal, feeding it, taking it to the vet and cleaning up after it for the next 8-20 years have to pay a fee? You are not (in most cases) an animal shelter or other party that has footed the bill for shots and spaying/neutering the animal. Why on earth should I give you $100?

All in all, I like Craigslist. There are just a few ridiculous goings-on associated with it…


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  1. When I have bought things off craigslist, I have been the one to go get them, except the car. They brought that to me.
    When selling, so far I have met people about halfway.

    If I sell this TV that I hardly ever watch, I dont think I’ll be delivering it. It’s too heavy to bring up and down a half-spiral staircase needlessly.

    Every situation is different though. Some sellers may only do pick up where others may not want any one to know where they live…

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