pioneers, head colds, ’80s garb & mortgages

The ridiculously high winds very early yesterday morning knocked out our power for the entirety of Sunday. As a result, my mom and I relocated to my brother & SIL’s house to avoid freezing solid in ours. Upside: An entire afternoon of TBS movies & a “CSI” marathon on Spike. Downside: Having to share a double bed with my mom. Ugh! I do not like sharing beds, especially anything smaller than a queen, especially with anything larger than a dog. =P I like my space, what can I say? I awoke this morning with about 2 hours of sleep under my belt. It didn’t help that my stuffy nose forced increased mouth-breathing, which resulted in intensified throat pain. Anyway, the other upside was getting to share coffee and toaster waffles with my bro & SIL this morning before heading back to our reheated home.

This afternoon, I helped my mom go through one of her FOUR closets packed full of no-longer-worn suits with shoulder pads, matching shirt-and-short sets of bold patterns, vests with Looney Tunes characters, oversized sweatshirts and denim overall shorts… Wow. I did walk away with some new pajama pants to replace the 2Xers, a couple pairs of sweatpants, a vintage flannel shirt my mom sewed that matched ones she made for my siblings and dad (how cool, right??) and this ridiculous purple satin top that’s supposed to be worn under a suit jacket. I’m determined to wear that last one as a regular shirt to go out in. It makes me laugh. I should take a picture. Something hot for my online dating profile… =P

Speaking of, I have my makeup speed-dating session in mid-January. Hopefully I won’t forget about it… I also have a potential church-singles-group weekend roadtrip to Gatlinburg. A couple things to look forward to in the new year!

Tomorrow I’m hoping to feel healthy enough to get back to the gym and then help my mom tote her four boxes and six bags of clothing donations to Salvation Army. Have to try to get those vessels back so we can tackle the other three closets and my Rubbermaid containers in the basement… I feel nervous about casting off clothing that’s borderline (I have to assume it is, since I’ve gone through it for donations at least once already in the relatively recent past), but I have to hope I won’t regain the weight or the inches. I have to motivate myself not to by leaving myself no ugly, frumpy options to hide unsightly bulges. And reward myself with the occasional over-the-top Eddie Bauer and Payless spree. =)

My mom went to the library today and picked up a few home-buying books for me. So far, I’m finding Nolo’s Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home to be the most interesting. It came with a CD-rom with some forms and checklists, but I haven’t gotten into those too much yet. Still browsing online for some potential places to check out when I’m back in Memphis. I’m definitely not ready to buy yet – need to save at least another $5k first, I think – but I do want to see what’s out there and try to figure out what the most important things are for me. Is location paramount? Safety? Size? Neighborhood? Proximity to stuff? Commute to work (route or distance)? Eh? EH?? Meh. I still don’t know. I’d say location tends to rank highest when I’m browsing. I’ve been using oodle of late, specifically the “map” option. The closer to the office, the better. Not only because it’s most convenient, but also because that implies increased safety, quality of neighbors, etc. I know I’ll never score anything that’s totally secure or perfect, but it feels better to aim high. Especially if I’m mulling over a $100k purchase.

All right, it’s time to crash. Happy Dec. 29th, all! =)


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One response to “pioneers, head colds, ’80s garb & mortgages

  1. Mandy

    I guess the thought of you buying a house just makes it seem so permanent. I know we did fine this last year, talking on the phone and seeing each other every few months, and that you weren’t likely to come back anyway but still… the idea of everyone moving away is sad. And by everyone I mean you and C. =P

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