quick update from the freezer

I hear the weather’s going downhill again for the afternoon, so the plan to do a full update has been set aside so I can shower and get to the gym earlier than normal. Hopefully the lunchtime crowd won’t be too horrendous.

This vacation has been difficult. It’s really hard being home and trying to be here for my mom, but not really knowing how to help or what to say. When I’m encouraging and telling her to move forward with her OWN life, she’d rather be wallowing (totally understandable). When I try to be comforting and tell her to take her time recovering, she says she’s tired of crying and being a burden. It reminds me how bipolar we are in my family. =P It’s quite pronounced.

In spite of that, I’ve made an effort to get out of the house and keep moving. I’ve gone to the gym 5 times thus far, which has been great for me. My biceps are looking dangerous right now. =) I’ve made it through one library book and am now reading a book Carla gave me for Christmas. I beat Guitar Hero on Easy with my band, “E.” I still need a lot more practice though. I’ve also been practicing my shooting on the Wii Play target-shooting game. Thinking I’d like to visit a shooting range when I get back to the South.

On Friday, I went to my old office (GLARO) for Nina’s farewell lunch with the portion of the crew who made it in despite the nasty weather. The next night, Nina and I ventured over to the Heidelberg in Ann Arbor to watch Tommy play with the Ben Daniels Band at the Club Above. I saw about a dozen Chelsea-ites, many of whom were in my class. And I didn’t talk to a single one (besides Tommy). =P As Carla said, “Just like high school.” Sunday, my brother, SIL, her nieces and my dad drove out to Battle Creek for dinner with the extended family from Indiana. We ate at Clara’s on the River, which was just OK. Fortunately, the weather was not prohibitive for anyone. I met Mandy & Carla in Chelsea for lunch on Monday afternoon, made a caramel Heath pie, took that to the GLARO Christmas party yesterday (braving more bad roads – I’m pretty sick of the snow and ice already!) and am making another pie tonight for Christmas.

Future plans: Christmas on Thursday with the siblings and their families, Saturday dinner with Tod & family and Sunday (hopefully) a trip to Mecosta to see my BIL’s parents at their new lake house. I want to get my mom out of the house and go on something of a road trip. I know I have plenty of driving ahead, but not for a while yet. Hoping the weather holds off whenever we/I have to be on the road. I got lucky on the way up here, so we’ll see.

Time to shower. Peace.


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2 responses to “quick update from the freezer

  1. Merry Christmas, Emily. Hope it’s a good day with the fam.

    There’s a target shooting game for the Wii? But yeah, I’d like to go to a real gun range as well, but possess no projectile weaponry.

    If you are taking 131 up to Mecosta, wave as you go by x104 lol

  2. Shooting range = good time.

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