catch the fever! (try to read it all)

Donate to Ducks Unlimited on my behalf!I know my reader base is not extensive, but it’s very valuable. Each one of you is greatly appreciated and often individually considered when I’m trying to decide what (not) to post here. That’s how it goes when your fan club is only 5 strong—you can make pretty much anything happen! =)

So, here’s where I prostrate myself (just then? I started typing “castrate”) before you, loyal readers and friends, on behalf of wetlands and ducks everywhere. I not only work for Ducks Unlimited—I also wholeheartedly support its mission to conserve, restore and manage wetlands across North America.

I’m not a hunter. I don’t even fish. That’s not a requirement for being interested in DU. I love wildlife, picturesque scenery, biodiversity—and clean drinking water! Wetlands are vital to the filtration of our water supply, and they help protect against flooding. Remember the floods in Ohio? More healthy wetlands would’ve helped curb that.

Enough soap-boxing though. I’m writing this post to ask for your help. I am currently attempting to raise $250 for DU as part of our brand-new Duck Fever personalized fund-raising campaign. Basically, you can donate any amount of money you want—from $5 to $infinity—and it will come to DU in my name. It’s spurring healthy competition between DU employees already, and it’s about to become even bigger. (Skip to my two guarantees if you donate.)

Aside from the benefits to our flora and fauna, the other reason I’m sharing this with all of you is because I’m extremely proud of my company, my amazing team of coworkers and the work that goes into our site every day of the week (literally). Duck Fever is one product of that great work, and I’m very excited to share it with everyone I know!

Before I get too caught up in the moment, let me say that I know times are tough for pretty much every single person reading this. So, please, don’t feel compelled to give just because I’m a big Intarwebs whiner. =) But, if you can, do consider giving $5. It’s tax deductible! My nifty little goal meter will go up (see it at the top of my sidebar?) and I will be able to laugh in the faces of my coworkers trailing way behind.

I have two guarantees for any of my readers who donate based on this blog post:

  1. Unless you are against the idea, I will dedicate an entire entry to how awesome you are (assuming I know you). I will sing your praises to the entire Internet nation. Nothing too personal, of course, but I will make broad, sweeping, generalized statements about your character, kindness, intelligence and good looks.
  2. For any donations I receive from this post, I will match you. Since I am out here saying, “Help me raise $250!” I should be willing to give at least half of that myself. So, I will match donations up to a total of $125. Sound fair? I think it should be enticing enough just to see the super-frugal gal squirm as she doles out her money. =P I’m like a side show, people.

Thanks for reading this lengthy plea, and I hope you will consider giving to DU on my behalf! Visit my donation page to see a pretty picture of me and read more about why wetlands rock.

THANK YOU AGAIN, from me and the ducks! (Questions? Concerns? Comment!)

P.S. For any of you out there who actually think I’m cool enough to warrant a Christmas gift in real life, please donate to DU instead. 1) It’s a better cause than my endless collection of “stuff,” and 2) It helps me stay employed! Even better than a weird Japanese toy or pair of long-johns!



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2 responses to “catch the fever! (try to read it all)

  1. Hey Emily, is there a cut-off date for the donatings? If I get a source of income before time runs out, it’s probable I’d donate.

  2. e. autumne

    Nope, never a cut-off! Thanks for considering it. =)

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