running for office at the office

Office politics are so inane. Long story short, I’m getting an office tomorrow! It’s been a long time coming, so I’m very excited about it. And as soon as the dust settles and all the furniture’s been moved, maybe I can stop worrying about being the center of attention. First it was asking if we could close the doors to keep out the cold, which has resulted in everyone thinking they need to check with me before opening or closing any doors in the hallway. Now it’s the office rearranging. They’re just not a big deal! Now, granted, I was momentarily displeased with the outcome of the office situation, but I took a few minutes to process it and really think it through. And now I’m fine. If only it worked so quickly and easily for the rest of the people there…

I brought home Guitar Hero tonight for the Wii. Had to leave it at the office last night while I went out for an extravagant dinner with our direct-mail-marketing advisers from Maryland. We went to Ruth’s Chris and had absolutely scrumptious filet mignon, served on 500-degree plates. My boss and I both got ours topped Oscar style: a crab cake, Hollandaise sauce and asparagus. There was wine flowing, cocktails littering the table, pre-ordered appetizers for the table and side dishes passed around family style. It was an evening of getting acquainted with people I talk to every week on the phone, and hearing hilarious stories from them and my own coworkers. Such a rare opportunity to relax and let (semi-) loose. Very nice.

We also had two straight days of meetings, which wore on me after a while. But it did give me a good bit of time to get things accomplished on my laptop. Having my boss preoccupied with the same meeting meant he wasn’t constantly giving me new things to do on top of my outstanding assignments. I find that’s one of the toughest things, and one of the reasons I’m glad when he’s on vacation. I still get new things to do, but not with such frequency. It’s like a mini breather when he’s gone and I can get to the backlog.

I keep pondering giving more to Ducks Unlimited in the way of a donation. I think about the fact that a mere $250 per YEAR would make me a Bronze Sponsor, which many people are not. And if I don’t have the $250 to donate the next year, I’m just not a sponsor anymore. They don’t send thugs to my house demanding my contribution, and other than a few unnecessary mailings, what’s the harm? Will have to seriously consider it for next year, I guess. While I’m single and not paying off a house, it’d probably be a good thing to do.


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  1. Company sponsored dinners are wonderful, so long as you’re not personally on the spot to impress someone. Scallops, filets, port medallions with apricot. Mmmmm. And all the extras too.

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