who am I again?

It has taken all of two days for my universe to get sort of twisted around. Now, based on my record to this point, it shouldn’t take any longer than two more days to get twisted back. Until then, though, I have to deal with the sudden topsy-turviness of it all.

The first thing that got thrown out of whack is something I can’t discuss here. I know, I know – it’s a blog, and I should be able to bear my soul to the Intarwebs no matter what the topic, but I just can’t this time. Anyway, this thing that happened… well, it’s weird. Funny. Surprising. Interesting. Kind of bad. Kind of good. Sort of like an ending to a really tumultuous chapter in a novel. Except not. I guess you had to be there. =P (I absolutely hate that statement, by the way. That’s precisely why I’m using it.) But it sort of (not really) relates to the “other thing” below.

The other thing is OKCupid. Seriously? Such a ridiculous idea. Maybe not for most people, but for me? Yes. I have now been asked out for dinner on Monday or Tuesday of this week, talked on the phone with a guy in Indianapolis and had a tentative ask out to dinner or a movie in the near future. Who do these people think I am, a normal girl who goes on dates? Ha! Every time I sign on that site, I don’t get a moment’s peace with all the IMing from various strangers. OKC admins should be proud of how many connections people are making through their site, even if they aren’t all true love. Most of the IMs are pretty worthless, but I’ve actually “met” quite a few decent-sounding individuals through there.

But c’mon. That is not me. I have a feeling the date(s) will go to pot fairly quickly, but I’m giving them a chance anyway. I have to get my mind off the crush that’s been going on for far too long now.

I suddenly just got really tired. I guess that’s what too many Cape Codders, four hours of sleep and a lot of confusion will do to a person. =\ Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


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One response to “who am I again?

  1. Matt

    Well, hopefully that other secret thing isn’t *that* bad.
    And hopefully the OKC stuff turns out decent. Good luck.

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