not david chowder

Wow, such a good concert. I’m still recovering, so not quite ready for sleep yet.

One cool coincidence to start off: I was sitting in the row behind a coworker. Mind you, a coworker I’ve never spoken to, whose name I didn’t know until he told me after I’d asked if he worked there. =P But just the same. He was there with his two sons and they were all very cute singing praise songs and jumping around together. It was surprising and touching.

I have never seen a concert like this before. They had some crazy electronics going up there on stage. And the greatest thing was this Guitar Hero guitar that the drummer had made into a real electric guitar. All DC had to do was hold down one of the buttons and strum to get a chord. And then one of the two round buttons at the bottom? Well, DC has this thing about the ’80s and Super Mario Bros, right? So the drummer made one of those buttons make the coin sound! It was awesome. One of the guitarists had this crazy mustache going on, so DC said it looked like one of the Mario Bros. He then made the guy jump 100 times for an extra life. As he said, “C’mon, it’s an extra life! How many people get THAT?” =) There was also a small army of Mac laptops up on stage providing various boops and beeps throughout the show.

I’ve decided I just have to get comfy with the idea of going places by myself all the time. I mean, I’ve never had a problem going in the first place; it’s just that after I get there I often feel awkward standing alone. In this case, they wanted people to greet those around them (so the ones in large groups just greeted each other) and then put their arms around the people next to them during the last song. People did that per their groups of friends and loved ones. But I stood there by myself, fine with not having to touch strangers, but feeling a little out of place. I just know I have to get accustomed enough not to feel awkward. Because eventually that awkwardness will win, and I won’t be as willing to just show up at things alone. And I’d like to be able to do that, since I’m going to have to do that for quite some time.

My Web site meeting went well at lunch today. Not much to report, except that I’ll be working on some potential homepage designs in the near future and talking with the lone developer about how everything comes together on their end. Hooray for new projects!



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