quick, quick, slow

A brief entry because I have almost no interest in blogging these days…

Tonight was the first workout since before going home last month that I’ve managed to do the full 45 minutes on the elliptical trainer. Woo! I was very proud of myself. I ended up on there for 45 + a 7-minute cool down, which resulted in 7 miles (or thereabouts) of ellipticizing. Hooray for me.

In expensive-crap-I-don’t-need news, the new Blackberry Storm is coming out Nov. 21. I’m nowhere near my New Every Two quota and have pretty much no need for a PDA, but it is really cool looking. Luckily, my frugality will keep me on the sidelines long enough to hear the whining and dischord that is likely to echo through the Verizon-networked streets of America once it’s released and in the hands of the many.

Last weekend (as I’m so lazy I didn’t report), I had dinner with coworker RM and his family. They will be jointly referred to as REL from here on out. We had delicious food, watched “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and the RE portion sat around talking till late into the evening, after the three little Ls had been put to bed. They’re really great kids, those three. So adorable. I have never been greeted that many times consecutively in my life. =) And they had a tiny fluff ball of a dog that had a tendency to curl up and fall asleep on your lap. The outside cat did not move from her spot the entire time I was at the house. The only downside of the trip was having to drive down to Mississippi, but that wasn’t too bad—plus, it counts as a border-crossing adventure! They invited me down for Thanksgiving, as well, and there’s a good chance I’ll take them up on it. RP said he might be back from his vacation in time to hit up Cracker Barrel that day, but since they’re going to need a wee bit more advance notice than the day of, I will decide long before that.

My office is taking charitable collections for the holiday season, which is pretty sweet. The funny part is they have these tiny boxes set at various locations in the building that are designated for pajamas, books, canned goods and other foodstuffs for the needy. Seriously? If I’m going to bring in canned goods, they’re going to come in their own separate box! The accommodations make me smile. I hope they’re shocked and overwhelmed with the response and overflowing boxes. =)

I realized today that it’s the EIGHTEENTH of November. WTF? This month has flown by like nobody’s business, I swear. Which is great, because the sooner December arrives, the sooner I get to go to Michigan for three weeks and CHILL (literally, figuratively, all that). Very pleased to have that on the horizon. I just hope I can get enough work squared away beforehand that I’m not scurrying around via a remote connection to Memphis for days at a time. As much as I can’t imagine being 100% occupied during those three weeks, I’d rather my brain be unoccupied of the worry that comes with having a bunch of unfinished tasks burning a hole in your hard drive. Know what I mean?

I have taken pretty much no pictures with my new camera. Surprised? I’m not. That is what happens when you live alone and have no local friends! Blargh. But I’m determined to figure out some use for it in the near future. At the very least, it will make the northward trip with me and hopefully capture some Wii-playing at my mom’s over Christmas. Maybe some snowy scenery shots to put on my desktop when I return to the South. Either way, I’m going to start using it sometime soon.

Interestingly, I actually have some stuff to do this week(end). Thursday night is the David Crowder Band concert that I bought a ticket for, like, two months ago. I also have two free tickets to the Memphis International Auto Show for the weekend, but I’m really not sure I can do that alone. If I haven’t found someone to go with by the end of the day Thursday, I’ll probably just send a mass e-mail and give them to whomever shows up at my desk first. Can’t imagine there will be a crowd running over for them, but I guess you never know. Honestly, I’d kind of like to go, especially since it’s next door to the office, but we’ll see. Last thing on the list is the Turkey Date luncheon at Hope Church on Sunday. I’m supposed to bring mac & cheese as part of a potluck setup. A girl from the singles’ group actually called me the other day (I figured she’d lose my phone number; I’m not sure where I put hers either) to see if I was going and if I wanted to sit with her there. I called her back tonight and said that would be great. Looking forward to it. =)

All right, it’s after 10, and despite all my self-abuse over not getting to bed early enough, I’m still running behind schedule. I think it’s the energy that gets kicked up at the gym—I just can’t settle down by 9:30 like I’d like. But I still have to floss, so goodnight!



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2 responses to “quick, quick, slow

  1. Matt

    That was a brief entry?

    Hope all is as well as it sounds :]

  2. I guess it didn’t turn out as short as I thought it would. I originally intended to mention only the Blackberry Storm & dinner with my coworker and his fam. Writing always sucks me in once I start though…

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