well, I tried

Speed dating got canceled due to lack of turnout. They changed the venue at the last minute from The Melting Pot to a local comedy club, so we had a total of 5 people show: one short guy, one older woman and a pair from Mississippi who drove 2 hours just to end up going back home. =\ I felt bad for the organizer, because she was bumped from the original spot, then had to deal with sending people home “empty handed.” We will all be comped a second event, and we were welcome to stay for the comedy show, but I wasn’t really interested (nor was anyone else). Just hoping the makeup session happens before I head up to Michigan for Christmas. Sounds like it will be one night that week before.

One good thing that came from this: On my way to the event, I realized that I finally feel like I’m attractive enough to warrant legitimate male attention. I’m still not in the best shape, and I’m not as pretty as I’d like to be (never will be), but, as I think I’ve said before, I’m not all that bad. Instead of being the voluminously fat chick who always stands out in a crowd, I can fit in at least a little bit. The short guy definitely wasn’t interested, but I wasn’t interested in him either: Air Force, shipping out to someplace else within the next three years. Not my scene. Plus, did I mention he was short? =) I’m so superficial.

Last weekend, Patrick mentioned wanting to get together this weekend. I hope that happens. I briefly considered going over to the Mexican restaurant tonight (it was right next door to the comedy club) and getting a margarita, but I thought that seemed a little sad. I found out when I got home that we’re going there for lunch tomorrow anyway. Looking forward to that.

All right, time to consider going to bed. I hope to have an interesting story sometime in early December! Sorry for the letdown this round…


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