spend thrift or thrifty spender?

Some might say I’m both. Most of the time, I’m extremely miserly, worrying about the few dollars’ difference between a $7 and a $10 lunch out with colleagues. But when I am in the mood to shop, it’s like a spree. Yesterday, for example, I spent more than $200. Granted, $30 of that was on a much-needed oil change, but the rest was just unnecessary. However, because I feel somewhat proud of my shopping skillz, I will share the brief with you now.

I got a Michaels coupon via e-mail the other day for 50% off one regular-priced item. Now, usually, if I buy something there, it’s on sale. Or, if it’s not, it costs all of $1.50, so the 50% off isn’t all that impressive. However, the random surge of inspiration that occurred when I thought about moving into an office in the near future made me want to go big with my craft purchases—namely stretched canvases, acrylic paints and brushes. The canvases (something like this were on sale for $10 each), which was exciting, and the brush set was $9.99 on sale. (Oddly enough, it was the same brush set I bought for Drawing I at MSU. I wasted so much money on that class. =P) But here’s the clincher: I found a beginner’s paint set for $32.99. Now, I considered getting individual tubes, because then I could choose my colors, instead of getting 6 predetermined ones, but then I thought, 50%-off coupon… 1 item… the only item I have not on sale… So I got the paint for just over $16! I spent $50, but I was still pretty proud.

The pride fizzled quickly when I parked in front of Old Navy. I had planned on going to Kohl’s for replacement sunglasses, having left mine in MI a few weekends back. But I was in the mood to shop, so I figured I should take advantage. I walked out of there with a new red wool coat, two dress shirts, a pair of pants, a cardigan and a tank top to wear under the cardigan. $150! Gah! I may return the pants, just so I can rest a little easier at night. =P

I’m wearing some of the new garb today, but with a Friday forecast of 70 DEGREES, I think I can leave the coat at home till the weekend. I’m sure I’ll need it eventually.

But I’m excited about the art project. I just need to really plan what I want to do first. I have a feeling abstract is the way to go, just because I can imagine myself flipping out trying to paint a wetland scene of any quality. Maybe an abstract wetland? I figure they will give me at least one piece of art for one of the walls, but I want something on the other, something that’s mine and sort of self-defining. When I see the prices on some of the art-fair-style paintings, I wonder why people don’t just go out and get the supplies to do something themselves—it’s tough to make a masterpiece, but it’s simple to cross-hatch a few colors on a canvas, give the piece a name and sign on the bottom right. That’s all I’m planning to do. Just have to make sure the colors are right.

I’m meeting the creative director at Heartsong Church this weekend so we can plan a lunch date to discuss the church’s Web site. I really would like to help them improve upon it, since it doesn’t accurately reflect the nature of the church and its people. However, since I’m not a well-versed programmer, we may have to enlist some other help to actually make it happen. I’m still looking forward to discussing it, though, and figuring out where I can lend a hand.

Tonight is speed dating. I’m sort of “meh” about it at the moment. I’m sure I’ll get nervous once I pull into the parking lot of The Melting Pot tonight. But, until then, I’ll just think of it as the distant future. Besides, I already spent the $35 to go, so I can’t back out now!

All right, time to work. Just needed to write some stuff this morning.


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