oh, tears

Really, really hoping it’s PMS. I think I wrote that sometime last month – or was it the month before? Either way, now that it’s getting colder outside, and I’ve been living in a place without friends for an even longer period, I have that lingering fear that it’s depression that’s making me cry, not hormones. I just watched the finale of CSI’s season 8 (the one where Warrick gets shot) and I started bawling, half because it was so sad and half because I thought how that’s something I’m afraid of (loved ones being shot at random by horrible people – even though this instance wasn’t random, but y’know). Then I went on YouTube and found the “dedication” video, showing Warrick’s funeral. Cried again. I thought about Tod mewing cutely earlier and got a little teary eyed. I read today’s xkcd, thought about my mom dying and teared up. Seriously! It didn’t help that I barely moved from my chair all day and then stayed at the office till 6 waiting for a hunting video to upload to YT. I went to the gym and had forgotten my workout pants, so I wore my wool work pants. Yikes! It was the first time I realized there’s some merit to the theory that your clothes need to “breathe” when you exercise. I was dripping sweat about 7 minutes in. Needless to say, that didn’t last long. =P

Gah, it’s so cold in here! I have perma-goosebumps right now…

So, Thursday I’m going speed dating. Yikes, right? I think it’ll be fun. Or at least interesting. I’ve been mulling over the idea for a little while now, having stumbled across cupid.com via about.com a couple weeks ago and signing up. The local events are all held at The Melting Pot fondue restaurant near the mall. Unfortunately, food is not included in the price, though that would’ve been cool, as well as a distraction if one of your 6-minute sitdowns isn’t going very smoothly. =P Anyway, they say you’ll meet about a dozen people in an evening. The age range is 22-32 for women and 25-35 for men, all single professionals. I mentioned that I was going to the singles at the potluck yesterday. The women claimed I was “brave,” but I’m sure they all just thought I was weird. Whatever. At least it’ll be something to blog about!

I love how, as soon as I have the house to myself, I plant my ass in the recliner and watch ridiculous TV shows all night long. Really, I don’t want to watch Marc Summers on “Unwrapped,” but there’s nothing else on our 2,000 channels… or at least the 5 I watch regularly. =P

Okay, I found something to watch. Done whining for the evening! Have a good week, kids.



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2 responses to “oh, tears

  1. Is there anything to help the S.A.D.?
    Also yeah, xkcd is usually quite funny, but sometimes kinda pointed.
    Good luck with the speed dating thing, I hope it’s not really as wierd as it seems like it would be to me.

  2. e. autumne

    Some people use therapeutic lamps to make up for the vitamin-D deficiency that often happens when the sun shuts off in the wintertime. I think mostly, though, you just need to push through it and try to stay active – there’s no fool-proof way of dealing with it. =\

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