quick life recap

Seasonal Affective Disorder is trying to sink its claws into my brain already. Made worse by the fact that it’s pitch black when I leave the office, of course. I swear, that’s the weirdest thing ever. I don’t remember it being like that in Michigan. Anyway, I am doing my best to combat this wintry demise of my spirits, energy and health, but it’s an uphill battle as usual.

Went to a fun Obama celebration party last night at a coworker’s house in Memphis. I braved the intimidating streets of an unknown area of the city after dark. Fortunately, my destination was less seedy than I expected, so I didn’t fear my car’s theft at any point during the party. Delicious vegetarian dishes were served in the veggie/vegan household, including a very tasty sweet potato curry that I thoroughly enjoyed. All of the desserts (including my cupcakes – pictures at some point soon) were patriotically themed, and there was one amazing layer cake iced with the Obama logo. It was beautiful. And red velvet. Dangerous combination.

I was so energized by the Obama win (or something) that I agreed to play a round of Guitar Hero. Only after all but two people (one of whom I was playing with) cleared the room, of course. =) I’m such a wimp. Believe I hit 82% of the notes, which I thought pretty impressive, considering it was my second-ever attempt at console shredding.

Rounded out the evening with a large sip of champagne while watching Obama’s acceptance speech, then headed for home. Stayed up a little longer reading work e-mails and generally being too hyped on sugar to sleep. I was happy to have socialized for an evening, even if I talked to only one person, who took pity on me and kept me company the whole time. I work with nice people!

Half the patriotic cupcakes went to my fellow Web teammates yesterday for RM’s birthday. He was turning 28, so what better way to celebrate than to make a grown man blow out candles and everyone awkwardly stuff their faces with chocolate cake at 9:30 in the morning? Not to mention the purple smears left after red and blue icing collided around mouths. Awesome.

Not much else is new, really. I need to get back to the gym, which will start again tonight. I haven’t been since before my trip north! Yet another SAD-related thing I do. Last winter I didn’t exercise at all, and I ended up 40 pounds heavier again. Now that I have a standing gym membership, I have to stay on track!

All right, back to work. Have a good remainder of the week, children.


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  1. Yes, its pretty much pitch black by end of work here also.

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