long time coming (and going)

Well, I finally made it back to Memphis. The smooth perfection that was my air travel history up to this point was marred last night with the delay of my Detroit-to-Chicago plane. The eventual boarding time was 8:40 EDT, and with a Chicago-to-Memphis flight to catch by 8:40 CDT, there was no way I’d make it. So flights got rescheduled to this morning and RP picked me up at MEM at lunchtime. Thankfully, new flights meant great seats (one with an empty seat alongside and another on the left side of a 1-2 regional jet—you were right about those A seats being the best, Matt!) and I landed about 10 minutes early. Phew. I was a little concerned that I’d end up being late for my connection after all, especially with 10 minutes spent idling on an O’Hare tarmac holding pad, but I jogged from the K gates to the G gates and had time to spare. Air travel can be kind of exciting sometimes. =)

However, all this excitement (and early rising, and lack of sleep—drank most of a latte last night before I realized I’d need to change flights and go back home to bed…) has left me completely drained. I just indulged in an hour of “Gossip Girl” on my laptop and now I’m going to unpack and clean till it’s an appropriate crashing time. Going home was just what I needed, I think. Didn’t realize it till I got there, since it was such a whirlwind, nearly-unplanned trip, but seeing my friends and family… great. And it made me even happier to get back here, feeling grounded and joyful about life. I hope that feeling lasts!


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