rock on, Spartans

The game was SO GREAT. It was perfect in that U-M didn’t hand it to State, but State took hold of it, stole it, then ran away with it. Amazing. The first Spartan win in Ann Arbor since 1990! I think I may have seen one green-and-white win in the years I’ve been attending with my dad, but only one. I also got to bring Nina, which was really cool, and it distracted me from sitting out in the cold for several hours. =) Lots of fun. I could’ve done without the belligerent Spartan drunkards behind us, but I saw a cute helper dog, watched Sparty prance around on the field and had plenty of leg room thanks to sitting behind the handicapped section, so it was a win overall! Followed that up with a steak dinner at Outback – perfect day!

I’m a little sad about not being at home longer. This whole balancing act of making sure I get as much time with everyone as possible is wearying. I’ve been trying hardest to get time with my mom, and I said something to that effect to her the other day, and she was all, “Don’t worry! I’m getting to see you—that’s what’s important!” Then, as soon as we were in front of her fiancee, she broke out the woe-is-me routine of, “No, don’t worry about spending time with YOUR MOTHER…” when I was talking about trying to see Carla on Monday, as well as the GLARO coworkers. It just rubbed me SO HARD the wrong way. =( I hate martyrdom more than anything in this world, and I hate that I get like that sometimes myself. I have never been victimized, and neither has she. It’s just so… ugh. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

I will be glad to see my siblings tomorrow (though I got to see my brother today, too, which was nice) and have my substitute Thanksgiving (with ham and pumpkin pie—weird combo), since I won’t be home in November. However, the weekend after T-giving may consist of going to Stuttgart, Arkansas, to do a live webinar at the Wings Over the Prairie Festival, which would be sweet! For some reason, that whole waterfowl hunter culture is intriguing to me, and it makes me feel “cool” to be involved and hang around with burly hunters. Like I suddenly become a burly hunter myself. Or maybe, inversely, some sort of damsel. =) Either way.

All right, time for bed. Thanks, Michigan (the state of, not the team) for not letting me down so far. And thanks, Spartans, for keeping hope alive.

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