God bless the mitten

I am home sweet home in Michigan right now. It’s cold, it may snow later in the weekend, but I’m still happy to be here! Despite containing my first-ever layover, the flight up was very smooth and not at all eventful. From Memphis to Chicago, there were 21 people on the plane, which meant plenty of room to spread out, and dark skies aided dozing. Second leg of the journey was on the smallest plane I’ve been on yet – one seat on the left side, two on the right, rather than two and two. But there was little turbulence and I’ve found the smaller planes much more likable than the huge jets I’d experienced before. Fewer people to clamber over and wait behind, at least. Somehow I’m still awake now, after getting up at 3 a.m. and traveling all morning. Must’ve been that first cup of coffee and the airport latte… and the Diet Coke… and the chocolate chip cookies. =P Caffeine!

My mom picked me up in Detroit and dropped me off in Ann Arbor to hang out with Mandy & Carla for a while. I got to see Carla’s new apartment (nice! and with a great view of the trees with their autumn foliage) and we ate and talked at Qdoba for a couple hours till Carla had to work. Then Mandy and I headed to my mom’s to browse Cake Wrecks and talk about life. It was good to catch up, even though we talk on the phone most days anyway.

Tomorrow will hold a trip to the bank and the UM-MSU game with my dad. Hoping it won’t rain, but I know it’s going to be darn cold—just have to avoid catching something. Sunday promises a full-fledged sibling gathering at my mom’s, then Monday will contain a dentist appointment (hooray!), possibly a visit to former coworkers and lunch with Nina. Try to see Carla, too, but I’ll have to keep my eye on the clock. I fly out of Detroit again at 8 that night. =\ Short trip.

So glad to be home. I swear, it’s like I’ve never left every time I get back here. But, also, I miss work. How weird is that? =P


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One response to “God bless the mitten

  1. Matt the Geek

    MMM Qdoba. Well, I wasn’t hungry, thanks :p

    And yeah, your Chi -> Det was likely a ERJ-145 airplane. I love those and always get the “A” (lone seat on the left, pref row 12 Exit) whenever possible.

    Have fun while here, don’t freeze at the game.

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