quick-fire challenge

It’s late, I’m tired and I just finished laughing so much my stomach hurts. So, in lieu of the real update Tod is so passionately (read: whiningly) craving, I’m doing a brief instead…

  • The “new job” started, but it’s still hush-hush, so I’m keeping it as much that way as possible. However, I am super excited and so are my loved ones – hooray!
  • I have started a tentative search for alternative housing. I may or may not stay put for a while longer. I like the idea of combining the trip home at Christmas with a collection of my STUFF (trust me, all-caps is required for the truckload in my future) and its transport down to TN, but I also like the idea of continuing to spend $450 a month on housing…
  • I am coming home this weekend! My dad wanted me to go to the UM-MSU game with him Saturday, so he offered to fly me up. At first, I’d given up, having found tickets priced astronomically at $780. But I checked again today and the fares had plummeted dramatically (hopefully not so dramatically that the flights are fake and nonrefundable), so I grabbed a decent itinerary and ran with it. $286! So amazing. I’ll be home Friday morning through Monday night, much like Labor Day weekend.
  • Hilarious coincidence: One of my coworkers responded to my housing-wanted ad on Craigslist. Ordinarily not side-splittingly funny, but this was the guy who professed his hatred of manatees at lunch one day, whose former phone sits on my desk (I get a lot of “oops, sorry” internal calls) and whose current office is about three big steps away from where I sit. My response included the following line: “The only requirement I have for a roommate is that he or she grant me an extra bedroom for my collection of manatee figurines. I have over 15,000 and they take up a good bit of space…You seem like the type to like manatees, so I’m sure we wouldn’t have a problem!” It helped that my e-mail address is listed as “E Autumne,” so he wasn’t tipped off too soon.
  • Carla moved into her new apartment! Mandy said she helped her move the other night and that her new place is really nice. I’m so happy for her. I hope things continue to go well – it seems like things are falling into place well for her now, which is great.
  • I met a dog named Whiskey. According to a coworker (and me), Whiskey is the new love of my life. The coworker said our theme song would be Paula Cole’s “I Don’t Wanna Wait” (of “Dawson’s Creek” fame). If you’d like to see a picture of us bonding, you may do so here. I also got to meet the former and current DU dogs, Drake and (name selected today but not revealed as yet), respectively. But all the Wildrose Kennels dogs were amazing.
  • The weather is lovely. If it could stay like this all winter instead of morphing into bitter cold rain and occasional sleet, I’d really appreciate it. Really. PLEASE LISTEN TO ME.
  • The Web team went on a bowling outing last night. It was a great time, even though I brought up the rear on scoring as usual. I actually enjoyed myself! Huge accomplishment for me, considering my typical competitiveness over ridiculous “sports” like that one and miniature golf. RM brought his three freakishly adorable (and by that I mean really adorable, not freakish) children, one of whom looked like a tiny Kewpie doll. JM ended up blowing us all out of the water with his surprisingly awesome bowling skills. His accuracy was, quite honestly, supernatural. I’ll have to upload the few photos I took sometime soon…
  • Gym Guy #2 is out of the picture. That was probably just a bad idea all around. I mean, we had a lot in common personality-wise and career-wise, but that’s where the similarities ended. We were demographically challenged – 41:24 :: donkey:parakeet. Also, his eldest daughter is 20 and, thus, could be my bff. Just too much weirdness for me. The whole job thing made me feel like I wanted to start fresh… even fresher than a relationship that was only two dates old. Plus, being in that situation made me think perhaps I’m not as interested in dating as I thought I was. Or maybe I’m interested in being 12 and holding hands and having that be the extent of things. Either way, no thanks.

I hope that will sate you for now, Tod. Have a great week, all!



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2 responses to “quick-fire challenge

  1. Matt the Geek

    Must. Have. 10. Page. Update. Tomorrow. Nevermind that *I* havent updated in near a month, I am off the web-radar :p

  2. e. autumne

    That’s true – get on it already! =)

    Also, I just watched woot.com crash and burn in the middle of a woot-off. Very exciting stuff.

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