great day

I’m trying to keep this news under wraps because I still haven’t been able to tell everyone on the priority list, but I can’t wait any longer! Job offer! Today! Real, full-time, long-term job! It’s the first time (other than the trade magazine north of GR) I’ve been in this position, and I’m really excited about it. I have until Monday to decide if I want to accept, and barring any unforeseen complications or concerns, I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen. Wow. It’s such a huge shift for me, even though the job will be exactly the same and nothing will feel any different on a daily basis. But it’s the next step – a big step – and it brings me into a new phase of life. Hooray!

That joy pretty much sustained me throughout the day. Then the evening was rounded out with an AMAZING concert at Heartsong. I bought the ticket last Sunday on a whim, having no idea who the artists were, but figuring the cost was going to a good cause and it would probably be a good show no matter what. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I heard a commercial for the concert on the radio and realized that the two headlining bands were familiar, with a few often-played songs each. Even the opener, Meredith Reynolds, was really great. I think Fee was my favorite, but Phil Wickham was pretty good too. And I’m really glad I moved from the first row to the fifth – it was a LOUD show!

Even better than the music was being remembered by the woman I spoke to about small groups last week. She introduced me around and I fell in with another woman named Melanie and her family. Her kids were just really sweet, and I sat with them during the concert. It was nice to feel like I fit in already. I look forward to going back and meeting more people on Sunday.

Date #2 was weird. The whole situation is weird. I’m planning on e-mailing my concerns and killing the whole thing ASAP. I’ve decided – and I’ll write more about this later – I want to be single right now. At the moment, however, it’s time for bed. ‘Night!



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3 responses to “great day

  1. Matt the Geek

    Hey congrats on the offer Emily, that is good news. I am assuming this is at where you currently work?

  2. Jen Stoll

    congrats Emily! That’s really exciting! Does this mean you’ll be a permanent resident of Memphis?

  3. e. autumne

    Matt: Yep, same place. Same job. New title.

    Jen: I guess it does… I was thinking today how I’ll need to get different license plates, update my address, register to vote here… Crazy!

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