xmas vacation

So, I’m driving home for Christmas. Anyone have suggestions when I should come? I was thinking, like, next Friday, staying … forever? How does that sound? =)

But, seriously, that’s something to ponder. There was airline fare floating around that was equivalent to what I paid for Labor Day weekend, but I want flexibility – the kind of thing that doesn’t come with a trip on an airbus. So I’m going to brave whatever freakish ice/snow conditions will await me on my way through Kentucky and all of Indiana. Just thankful there will be no mountains between me and home. Flat freeways through the countryside shouldn’t be so bad.

I spent the day as a hermit. It was okay, and I really didn’t feel too guilty about it. Tomorrow will hold most of the activities I had planned for the weekend.

I did have a mini revelation tonight. It was about a certain person who I spent a certain length of time feeling a certain way about. It occurred to me that I had those feelings based on an image I’d created in my head. In real time, in conversation, I saw who he really was. In arguments and endless frustration, I recognized his true identity. And tonight was the first time I understood how much of what I thought about him was true. That doesn’t mean I find him repellent now, but it does mean I can see where the holes are, where the meaningful things lack. It was a minor breakthrough. Feeling like I can finally move on from the plague of the last several months. Liberating!

In other news: wow.


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5 responses to “xmas vacation

  1. Mandy

    My Christmas break is Dec. 13 – Jan 5. One of those weeks I will be going to my parents’ house in WA, but I’m not sure which yet. I’ll have to let you know. =)

  2. e. autumne

    Well, if all is right with the world, I should be home during most of your break. My original plan was a flight that would have me home Dec. 17 through Jan. 6, so I’m going to hover around similar dates for driving, I think, unless there’s a reason to change it up. Let me know your plans as the season draws near!

  3. Mandy

    Wow, they’re letting you off work for that long? That’s awesome! I guess I assumed you’d get maybe 4 days or something.

  4. e. autumne

    My boss said he didn’t really care so long as I had my computer with me and could work as necessary. I estimated being gone about 9-10 days from the office and he didn’t flinch. Hopefully that will still be the case come December!

  5. Mandy

    Okay, I am going to be in WA from Dec 25 – 30.

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