I am tired, and yet…

So, my goal is to keep the dishing to a minimum, since … well, my main reader knows this story already, and I’d rather not divulge the details of every facet of my personal life as it involves other people. But briefly! I went out on a date last night. The original intent (at least for my part) wasn’t a date, but when it transitioned from meeting for cardio at the gym to a quick Starbucks beverage to watching “The Office” at his apartment to having a late dinner at Huey’s … yeah, by the end, we were definitely in date territory. And it was really nice, you know? Gosh, it was. I won’t say why we’re doomed – that may come to light eventually – but we are. Just so you all know. =)

Anyway, the coolest thing about the evening was that I was totally upfront about everything. I was myself every step of the way. That’s kind of a rarity for me when it comes to people I don’t know well. I don’t lie about things, but I may exaggerate for the coolness effect or try to impress in some other way. But I didn’t here. I had no idea what to say or do, having not been on a date in a very long time, so instead of coming up with something, I just told him I didn’t know how I was supposed to act. I told him that Mandy, Carla & I have labeled ourselves “socially awkward,” that I Googled him, that I secretly planned to ask him about “The Office” and then find a way to watch it together. And none of that seemed to bother him in the slightest. And for him to end the night by saying, “So, we’re probably supposed to hug or something, right?” was just perfect. Given a few more beats, I wouldn’t have said it any better myself.

Anyway, date #2 has been scheduled for next Thursday. No idea what the full agenda will entail, but I’m sure Michael Scott will be involved once again. It’s almost like we have a “thing” already, with the Thursday nights. =)

So, that all went down last night. But tonight I got to spend with RP, which was really fun too. We drove down to the open-air mall in Collierville. And while I was expecting something like the one on Lake Lansing Road, this place was absolutely mammoth. I mean, it just went on and on. We started out at Eddie Bauer for RP to get some polos, but since I had never been there, I figured it’d be okay to look around. Holy. Crap. I can never go into that store again. I loved everything they sold! From the awesome parkas to the waffle-knit shirts – I was in outdoorsy-style heaven! I ended up leaving there with a flower-print dress shirt that actually FIT – such a rarity for me that I had to get it, even if it was $30 on sale. It was worth it. After EB, he actually went into Sephora with me and we wandered around the brightly lit emporium o’ cosmetics. We played with the brushes and smelled all the Philosophy-brand products, one of which he said smelled like B.O, several others “cheap.” The other big stop was World Market, where he purchased jam and I got a 99%-cacao dark chocolate bar. I am SO excited to try it. But I couldn’t force him to try any tonight, so I’m waiting till Monday to open it and share.

After shopping we had dinner at a place called Cheeburger Cheeburger. Honestly? That name? Hideous. But the restaurant was cute: ’50s-style diner with pink neon lights, awesome onion rings and customized burgers and shakes. Really, the selection was amazing. The burgers were cheap and all included one type of cheese and any toppings you wanted, no extra charge. I got barbecue sauce, two onion rings, cheddar and lettuce on mine. RP got lettuce, tomato, roasted red peppers, mozzarella and guacamole. We split a basket of fries and onion rings and topped it all off with half a Snickers-cheesecake milkshake each. RIDICULOUSLY FULL. But we spent the drive home laughing, me over how hard RP was sucking his milkshake through the straw (lodged with Snickers chunks), him over the fact that I was laughing like crazy for no apparent reason. =) We sang along to the “Decades” stations on XM and fought over which song was on “Night at the Roxbury” (I was wrong). It was great.

Now, it’s time for the weekend. I don’t really have work to do, so that’s kind of cool. I have “Outsourced” to watch from Netflix, a digital camera to play with, some books to read, some major time at the gym to fulfill, church, a call home, hopefully some time talking to friends, laundry, cleaning, sleeping … all that could easily last me through Sunday night.

That’s my life update for now. I’m pretty excited about the prospects. I know it’s silly to suddenly feel like all is right with the world (especially when we’re doomed), but I’m definitely feeling a little lighter on my feet today. I think that’s okay. I think I’m allowed.

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One response to “I am tired, and yet…

  1. Matt the Geek

    A 99% dark chocolate bar?! :O While I loooooooove the Hershey’s Extra Dark (60%) I had a 70% of a brand I cant remember and it was almost too bitter.

    Glad you got to have a good time Thurs. Hopefully you aren’t surely doomed.

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