leaves drop & turn

Today was a pretty decent day. The last couple have been, actually, in spite of some dramatics concerning arguments over abortion and gay rights. But today all that floated away on a relatively cool Memphis breeze. I did wake up to a neighborhood without electricity, but I was happy to find out (after 45 minutes and five phone calls) that people with city water can still take showers! I was raised in the country with a well – it’s all very confusing for us backward rural folk! H’yuck?

Anyway, I went to work with wet hair pulled back and a sack full of perishable groceries, just in case. That flood back in Ann Arbor really did strengthen my survivalist skills. Before I found out about the water situation, I already had an overnight bag packed for a trip to the home of whichever coworker would be kind enough to take me in until power was restored. Be prepared!

But after all that, things definitely smoothed out. My camera arrived from Amazon, much to my incomparable delight. As soon as I’d opened the box, RP came over, requested that I hand over the battery, set the clock and shot a video of most of the Web team. Technically, the camera is still his, since we’ve yet to make it to the bank to deposit my bonus check, but that’s not my fault! I carry it around with me everywhere these days, just in case we somehow randomly end up at Regents Bank… Soon though.

However, on the camera note, RP suggested something interesting tonight. I am still sort of considering it, but only in the mildest sense of the word. He does Web development for a local Jewish high school and he was setting up a registration module recently for a set of community classes that’s starting there soon. The Conversational Hebrew one sounded pretty cool, and he kept going on and on about the pottery-making class. Problem? A single class is $100! And the art supplies fee for the pottery class is $250! So, when we were chatting online tonight, he said something cryptic about “canceling the camera” and taking the class with him. I immediately brushed it off, knowing I wasn’t about to send back the camera and accessories just to take a two-month-long pottery class. But apparently what he meant was, forget about paying him back for the camera, let him use it when he wants (because he doesn’t have one) and use my bonus check to take the class instead. !!! Like I said, very, very mild consideration on my part.

Tonight, I went to Romans class at Hope, which was decent. It occurred to me while there that I’m still in love with taking notes and preparing for quizzes. While everyone else there was sitting back in a leisurely manner, maybe filling in the blanks on the evening’s worksheet, listening to the presenter read bible verses off the big screen, I was poring over my own translation and taking notes in a separate notebook. Like I was in college preparing for a test. I think that’s actually how I am about most things – if someone sat me down at work and wanted to teach me about something new, I’d scribble notes furiously for a test later – so it’s not that surprising, but it does remind me of the whole seminary thing again.

Tonight when I got home, I had an email from a new acquaintance, which helped round out the evening quite well. I don’t know what this potential friendship holds, but I have some hope. We have a gym date of sorts tomorrow evening, which should be fun. I’m not always up for chatting during cardio, but for nice people, I’m willing to make an exception. Now ideally? I will hop off the elliptical and say, “Gotta get home and watch ‘The Office’!” And he will say, “Really? Me too! Want to come watch with me?” And then we will fall madly in love in a cute Jim-and-Pam kind of way. … ….. haha?

But seriously, it’s kind of fun.

I also watched the “more cow bell” SNL sketch for the first time tonight after RP called me a fraud for knowing who was in it, claiming to know what it was and never having seen it. Honestly? It was a LOT funnier than I thought it’d be, considering all the hype. Much like “Monty Python,” if I hear anything repeated too many times, I automatically start to hate it, even if I haven’t seen it myself. But Will Ferrell’s gut and Christopher Walken’s general awesomeness redeemed this particular cult classic for me.

Tomorrow morning holds the potential for being kind of stressful, but I’m trying not to get overwhelmed just yet. It will be my first live chat session without my supervisor. He’ll be out of town for a funeral, so I’ll be showing our chat host the ropes, maintaining order during the session, etc. I was already the entire tech support crew – now I’m also the organizer, implementer, timer, peace keeper, problem solver and executive decision maker. I may become the blubbering idiot as a result, but I hope I can keep it together! Just have to remember the important stuff and shrug off what can’t be fixed.

All right, time for sleep. I will be a basket case in the morning if I don’t rest up…


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