how it actually goes down

I slept in about 2.5 hours longer than intended this morning, but still made it to the farmer’s market well before it closed. First, I had to wend my way through crowds of housewives headed to the “Mistletoe Merchants” shopping extravaganza at the Agricenter. I wandered around most of the market, but came away with only three ears of sweet corn. I seriously considered some local honey and jam, but just couldn’t bring myself to spend the exorbitant amount necessary. I also saw some really neat hand-painted bird necklaces made out of piano keys, but those were $33.

After the market, I took recycling to the bin and soda cans to the Humane Society. (Since I suck at volunteering anymore, I have to give back somehow. =P) I then wasted half the day watching “Degrassi” reruns, which I’m still watching, actually. I also did 5 loads of laundry and thawed some steak, which is marinating for tomorrow. Very excited for that! It’s been so great to be able to leave piles of clean laundry on the stairs because I’m too lazy to take it up. =) And to be able to watch TV and leave my laptop in the living room. I miss living alone.

But I pretty much felt like crap all day. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone, so I missed a handful of phone calls and texts. I just knew I’d be a crab on the phone, so it wasn’t worth it. Tonight, though, my workout improved my mood by leaps and bounds. Solid 50 minutes on the elliptical and most of the weight machines – very good. I then stopped for gas and got it for $3.199 a gallon after a 10-cents-per-gallon discount using my Kroger card. Awesome!!

Tomorrow will hold church, bible shopping, grocery shopping, grilling meat, cleaning my room, doing a little work and either working out or taking a walk. Should be an all-right day, I think. I look forward to not setting foot in the mall for the first weekend in a while. Between purchases and returns, I’ve made quite a few trips up there recently…

One serious thing… I’ve been trying really hard to deal with some friend-related issues lately. I’m still not really sure what I should be doing, or how I should feel, but I did determine one thing – it’s not my place to do much besides be supportive and be a friend. Surprisingly, it was my mom who reminded me of that. Normally, she’s even more judgmental than I am, so I was shocked to hear encouragement to keep all doors open and be a good listener if that’s what my friend needs. Impressive. And as I thought more about it, I realized she was right. Regardless of stupid decisions and uncertain futures, I can’t stand the thought of losing a close friend. I wonder a bit if she’s the same person I’ve been friends with all these years, but I really hope she is. I hope things don’t change so much in the coming months that I don’t recognize her or her life plans. I guess that will be revealed with time…

Anyway, for now, that’s all the information I can give, and all I really want to say about it. I feel like I’ve talked about it too much already.

Getting tired. Time to wind down for the evening. Peace, all.


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