tech goodness

The digital camera has been ordered! Very exciting stuff.

For those interested (and too lazy to do a Google search – I feel ya):

Panasonic Lumix TZ5A

Quick specs:

  • 9MP
  • 10x optical image stabilized zoom
  • blue =)

I also ordered an 8gb SDHC memory card and a Case Logic case. I’ve made the no-case mistake too many times now not to order one from the get-go.

This stuff, along with Office Season 3 & 2 USB thumb drives from Woot should be arriving shortly. I can’t believe I just spent all that money. It’s like my common sense just flew off, leaving my incapable brain behind.



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11 responses to “tech goodness

  1. Matt the Geek

    Free money is meant to be spent :p
    I basically did the same thing earlier this year after my first 2 week check from this job. Found a nice Rebel XT kit on CraigsList for 400 and impulse-bought it.

    But yeah, you should like the camera, Panasonic makes good stuff. Now all you need to do is set up a Flickr account.

  2. I like it. Stabilization is such a fantastic thing. And in such a pocketable looking form. Your flash card is bigger than mine.

    Now can I tear apart the Fuji and see what’s wrong with it? :-P

  3. e. autumne

    Geek Matt: I do have a Flickr account – now maybe I’ll have more than one album in it!

    Surly Matt: Haha, I actually thought about your wanting to rip that apart today. I believe it’s still up in Michigan, so if you ever feel like taking a road trip to the Ann Arbor area, I bet my mom could hook you up. =)

  4. Here’s a train of thought for you:

    SLRs in specific
    You using my camera
    Don using my camera

    You do remember Don, yes?

  5. e. autumne

    Hmm… I remember his name and the IDEA of him, but I don’t remember what he looks like or anything else about him. Normally I’m great with that kind of thing, so this makes me a little sad. =\

  6. I remember a three things… and willing to bet that once you know them, you’ll rather you didn’t.

    I remember him using my camera and me rather distressed because he was not exhibiting the care that I expected be shown my $600 baby.

    I remember him commenting about my bed, it’s distance from my ceiling and the imposed restrictions on getting laid.

    I remember him hitting on you in our back yard during the drinking portion of the evening pre bonfire.

    I probably have some pictures somewhere… I’ll have to take a look when I get my desktop back in operation.

  7. e. autumne

    I do recall 1 & 2, but you’re mistaken on 3. I remember wishing he would, b/c creepy guy is better than no guy when you’re dealing with everyday, harmless flirting, but he definitely didn’t. I believe he did take a picture of me and Mandy that I still have on hand. I think that was the first good picture of me ever taken, surprisingly.

  8. Hmmm… I recall you two having private conversation for while, until I believe Mandy ‘rescued’ you. I figured that was enough to call hitting on. I also believe you mentioned something about fidgeting with a ring you were wearing at the time, but that’s irrelevant.

    That’s the one picture I remember. Yes it’s good. My issue with it is that I adjusted it in photoshop and hit save, thus losing the original – something which pains me greatly.

  9. e. autumne

    Your memory is uncomfortably amazing. =)

  10. If I recall, it was determined (by a very scientific peer reviewed study :-P) that you tended to remember everything and I tended to remember very specific tidbits in detail.

  11. e. autumne

    That is very true. I, however, have been losing sharpness over the years. Started going downhill during my last romantic relationship, for some reason – not sure if the two are related. :) May have been the rampant drug use.

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