face palm

So, I went on an adventure tonight to a local bar called T.J. Mulligan’s. I guess it wouldn’t have qualified as an adventure for most normal people, but since it was the first time I’d left the house (aside from a trip to the gym) on a Friday night for several weeks, it counts for me. My coworker Joe was drumming there for a band called Crash Kole and the BlueSouls. They started sometime before 9:30 (when I arrived), and I stayed for about two hours. The band was really great, and it was cute seeing Joe (such the dad type) up there rocking out on the drums. Everyone there was so absorbed by their drinks, their dates, football and the debate, they didn’t pay much attention to the band, so I made sure to clap extra loud after each song. It had nothing to do with the two mixed drinks – oh, no. =)

Anyway, I have a sneaking suspicion that a guy there was actually trying to make conversation with me. But I totally ignored him because I was waiting for Joe to get back inside so I could say hello before they finished their break. Epic fail! This was the same guy who looked straight at me, then leaned over the table to say something to his friend, who then “casually” glanced over his shoulder at me. I was convinced the exchange contained something about the desperate, ugly girl in the corner, but I tried to sit up straight and stand tough through the inferred ridicule. But then, when the band took their break and Joe went outside to smoke, I couldn’t leave my drink behind or make the waitress think I’d skipped out on my tab, so I ended up asking one of the other band members to call Joe in for me. This band member was friends with the guys in question, so the conspiratorial one walked over and asked if I knew James (the band member). I said, “No, I work with the drummer.” And he said, “Oh, yeah, I was just asking if James knew him, but he said not really.” And I said, “Yeah.” And he said, “They’re good.” Or at least I thought that’s what he said, so I nodded awkwardly, not wanting him to have to repeat himself. Then Joe walked in and I sidled away to talk to him, thus killing any chance of connecting with the whisperer. I’m really OK with that though – he’s a smoker, which just doesn’t appeal.

But, yeah, good times. I supported a coworker, spent a little time outside my home on a night when young people are supposed to be out doing fun stuff, and listened to some great blues. I hope Joe plays again soon so we can make it into a Web team event some weekend. That would be awesome. =)


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2 responses to “face palm

  1. Matt the Geek

    Glad you were able to get out and have some fun, and catch some good music.
    I seem to be the same way, not getting out much for something fun. When I’m actually home, sometimes the money just isn’t there, or one (or both) of the cars is acting up. But every now and then the planets align and I get to do something. Whee.

  2. e. autumne

    Yes, my hope is that I will find more excuses to go out and do stuff like that. Obviously, having a real reason like seeing a coworker play will be rare, but if I can kick myself hard enough to go out for a couple hours on a Friday to tap my foot and sip a cocktail, that will probably do me some good.

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