laid out flat

I am absolutely wiped today. I didn’t get enough sleep last night, had one of the most stressful work days of my adult life and could barely manage to drive home and flop down on my bed. I had grand plans of grilling chicken and going to the gym, since my church involvement is going to increase this week and keep me from working out Wednesday and Thursday, but I didn’t manage either. I ate two slices of leftover pizza and watched most of an episode of “CSI: NY.”

I did take a nice walk today at lunch around the DU lake. It wasn’t until last week that a coworker informed me that the path goes all the way around, not just in a semi-circle with a foot bridge at either end. It’s actually a very well kept path with terrain reminiscent of Michigan. It was a really nice trek, so I’m looking forward to doing that most days. I also finished out my lunch hour by finding a rather large Yellow Garden Spider in the courtyard outside the office kitchen. Very exciting.

Random Encounter of the Week: I seem to be crossing paths with a lot of faces from the past lately. Two exes have contacted me within the last month, after years of silence. Then there was that Macy’s cashier. Now I got an email from a guy on Craigslist who I’d asked about a room for rent when I was first planning to move down here. We exchanged messages a couple times back then, but when it came to my trip down with my mom to find a place to live, he just never responded. He must’ve been going through old emails and came across mine. He wrote and asked if I’d ended up moving and how things were going. We then proceeded to talk via Yahoo! Messenger, which I never use (installed Pidgin instead). Unfortunately, he has been the inspiration for those two Tweets (upper right corner of the sidebar on this page) about conversation killers.

I hate “guy” guys sometimes. They make me miss Tod so much. =) I know that sounds like an insult, but it’s not. I’m just sick of stereotypically bull-headed males who can’t stand “girl movies” (different from chick flicks, apparently – this genre includes ALL serious films…) and cringe at the thought of watching something in French with English subtitles. Or who get all awkward when I explain something like “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” and why it was amazing. And especially those who try to make me think “American Pie” was some sort of classic! Now that I think about it, I have met three guys since moving to Memphis who fit this exact profile. Ugh. I’m pretty sure it’s about their being closed off to the idea that there is potential for anything good in an independent French film, not about my having high levels of estrogen.

I have more to say, but my body hurts all over and my head is foggy, so I’m going to take a warm bath and hit the hay.



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3 responses to “laid out flat

  1. Matt the Geek

    Heh, Yes, I am random, that’s how it works :p

  2. e. autumne

    A little random, don’t you think? You yourself aren’t random, but our encounter was. Hope I didn’t offend. :)

  3. Matt the Geek

    Offend? Im not sure how you would have.
    And yeah, these days I seem to be more random.

    BTW, RE: LBD, seems to have looked quite good.
    Also, I’ll email you back soon. I’ve just been bad at doing email the past couple days for some reason.

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