i’m a big dork

I already tweeted about this, but seriously – those climactic moments at the end of season two with Jim & Pam? Oh my goodness. I was dying. I had to start the DVD again to watch a second time. I am always a sucker for that kind of thing, but with these two… well, it was overwhelming. It takes quite a bit for a TV show to make me bawl, so thanks, NBC, for that tearful moment. Oh, man. Just… wow.

I have now reached the end of my “Office” viewing until I break down and buy seasons three and four. It may be worth it to see the next episode… I am that obsessed. =P

So, today was pretty fun. I returned all my expensive clothing to the mall, had absolutely no luck at two Payless stores, bought bras at Target and then met RP at work so we could carpool to the local Sportsman’s Warehouse. They were having a Ducks Unlimited day, which ended up being pretty lackluster, if you ask me. But I guess they were having a two-hour “Friends & Family” sale later in the evening, so we probably missed out on the real excitement. Reminds me of that same event at Sears. Anyway, I tried on some Wrangler jeans from their women’s “Aura” line – wow. I was astounded that a brand actually printed on its tag that it won’t gap in the back – and it actually doesn’t! (Ladies, I’m sure you know what I mean.) I seriously considered getting them, as well as the awesome “Realtree Girl” camouflage shirt, but I held back. Looking in the dressing room mirror definitely made me smile though. It didn’t look anything like my nerdy indoor self.

Afterward, we fueled up the CR-V, RP scared me out of my wits because I’m such a nervous driver already, and then we went to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner. I’d never been to one before. The food was good and the ambiance was decent, but I wouldn’t put it in my top 10. Plus… well, the whole experience was kind of eye opening for me, in a pretty bad way. It made me rethink a lot of what’s been going through my head the last few months. And while I know that reassessment will be for the best, that doesn’t make it easy. Anyway.

I also talked to my mom for about an hour, which was nice. She actually encouraged me to go back and find the little black dress (which I returned this morning)! I was shocked by that, since she is the sole source of my insane frugality. But my description of it pretty much won her over, so she was all for it. We’ll see if I end up changing my mind, but I don’t think I will. I’d rather invest that money in personal training sessions or more “Office” DVDs. =) Or, you know, something more useful than an amazing dress. If I just had that damn sugar daddy, I’d be all set…


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  1. Jenny

    Let me tell you, money spent on seasons 3 and 4 is money well spent indeed! Should you shell out the money, I personally promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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