southern kindnesses

Did I ever mention that the girl who cut my hair gave me her phone number and told me to call if I was interested in trying out her church sometime? If I didn’t, I should’ve. She was such a sweet person and gave me the best haircut of my life. I guess I should’ve called her, huh?

Yesterday was the second time that someone providing me goods or services gave me her name and phone number, with request to call if I ever wanted to hang out. I find it interesting that both of these instances occurred in Memphis; no store clerks, gas station attendants or masseuses in Michigan ever suggested we become friends.

This girl was a salesperson at Macy’s. She was pretty much the nicest person I’ve met in a long while – or at least the most obvious about her niceness. When I approached, she said, “Ooh, what did you find??” It caught me off guard at first; I thought she might be confusing me with another customer who she’d been helping earlier. But no – she was just being excited about what I’d picked out. Maybe I looked apprehensive about my $170 purchase? =P

Anyway, right after that, she asked how tall I was. She said her 16-month-old daughter is already up to her hip, and the doctors estimate she’ll reach 6’2″. After talking about that, she then asked how old I was. Just like I’ve been wanting to do for weeks now, she asked if I knew of good places for young people to hang out, since she’s 22 and wants to broaden her horizons from the club scene. I laughed and said I’d been wondering that very thing, though I’ve never really been to a club before. She was flabbergasted by that and asked if I was married. No. Dating someone? No. Then she pulled out a blank bit of receipt paper and wrote down her name and number for me. She said she and her friends go out quite often and would love to have me come with them. She said I should be prepared to get hit on a lot and get a couple marriage proposals (“But just say no!”). I had to laugh at that, and mentioned that I’d never had that happen either, so it’d be interesting if it ever did. She said I would with them. So funny.

I don’t know what my weekend plans entail, but calling this “Mandy Moore” chick (that also made me laugh) is somewhere on the radar. It would be nice to meet some young people around here, especially in such a random way. Stories to tell people and write about later, at least. One can blog about one’s job only so much.

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